La Vie According to Rose By Lauren Parvizi PDF

La Vie According to Rose By Lauren Parvizi PDF DownloadIn this article we are going to share with readers an upcoming novel La Vie, According to Rose Which is about a heartfelt story of a woman about self-discovery, grief, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to start over.

This novel is written by Author Lauren Parvizi which is going to be released on 1 July 2023 for readers in all readable formats and Author has portrayed the character of Rose who is the centre of the novel and takes the readers to the tour of Paris which looks like a Fairy tale but actually it is not.

La Vie According to Rose By Lauren Parvizi PDF

Rose Zadeh who is a Woman who is daughter of Late Iranian Father and everybody around her are happy with her but she is not with herself. She has memories of her late father who gave so much importance to the hard work and family.

On the other side, Rose Zadeh who is hardworking and working as a Silicon Valley copywriter. She was in a kind of job where she saw no opportunity of growth  which fastened to her guild for her mom and sisters and it would disappoint her father.

La Vie According to Rose PDF By Lauren Parvizi

A Voila which gives her this chance and she goes on three week long vacation in the light of the city. Instead of going in the Persian fairy tale, Rose stuck under the spell of charming and probably dangerous expat and experiences the old family friend having some secrets.

With the help of French Self- help Guru, Rose started believing that she is blossoming until the unwanted reminder of home which proves that finding herself will more necessary and needed than the change of landscape.

La Vie According to Rose PDF

Lauren Parvizi worked for more than a decade as a digital editor and writer, including a stint as a love and relationship columnist, and earned an MFA from San Francisco State University.

Through this book Lauren Parvizi showcased the insight journey of a woman, From Paris’s cobblestone streets to Provence’s sun-soaked hills, Rose embarks on a journey of adventure, betrayals, and even amour. For the first time, the directions she follows are up to her.

Related Details of La Vie According to Rose Lauren Parvizi Book PDF

Book Title La Vie According to Rose
Author  Lauren Parvizi
Publishers Lake Union Publishing
Language  English
Pages Count 364
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 1 July 2023

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