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Exam Warriors PDF : Exam Warriors  is a book written by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the students, which teaches students to deal with Stress during exams. Narendra Modi gives many examples of famous personalities as warriors. Many activities and exercises are given by Narendra Modi to the students, who are afraid of exams and have stress. There are Yogik asana exercises and tips mentioned in the book which can help students to overcome the fear of exams. 

This book is written keeping in mind the fear of exams, students face during the period of their exams. In this book twenty five mantras are given in the form of chapters for the youth’s brain mentally strong and fit, to keep warriors’ spirits during examinations and to overcome exam stress. There is an activity given after every chapter. He advised parents in the end not to pressurize their children for exams.  

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Exams are like festivals so celebrate them: In the first chapter of the book Narendra Modi asks students to celebrate exams like festivals. We should prepare for exams just like we prepare before the arrival of festivals. Every festival has its story to celebrate it. Exams are the opportunity to test yourselves.

Exam tests your current preparation not you: Do not get tense with exams because it is a test of your current preparation not you. He gave an example of APJ Abdul Kalam who wanted to be Pilot but became one of the greatest scientists. Many children attempt suicide not to perform according to the expectation. Students should not take tension for exams.

Laugh in and laugh out: Here Modi asks students to enter the exam hall with laughter because due to stress students are not able to recall answers even after knowing everything in the exam hall but after exam students automatically recall every answers. he presents himself as an example when he could not do well in exam due to stress.  

You are a warriors not a worriers: Narendra Modi emphasizes on becoming a warrior not a worrier, attempting the things in which problems occur  this will help you to become a warrior . Here he gives an example of Rani Laxmi bai who has been a great fighter of India.

Knowledge is permanent pursue it: In this chapter the author asks always to focus on knowledge not to obtain marks in exams because when you study to obtain marks it restricts your knowledge it does not  expand your knowledge. He gave an example of lawyers and doctors, whose marks are not asked before consultation.

Compete with yourself: In this  chapter the author has divided competition in two parts one with others and second is with yourselves. There are three possibilities while competing with others: one is better than one, worse than one and equal to one; these all have their drawbacks. Therefore competing with yourselves will help you to become better than before.

Time Management: In this chapter PM Modi insists students to manage time during exams. Because it helps students to manage pressure. He asks students to make their time table and take small breaks between them so that they can best use 24 hours.

The Present is God’s greatest Present: PM Modi gives the mantra to the students to live in the present only. the present will be ruined thinking of the past and future. Students should plan for their future working in the present, taking lessons from the past.

Technology the Great Teacher: In this Chapter, PM Modi asks students to use technology to learn.as it is a great teacher but at the same time students should not be addicted to it.

Exam Warriors PDF

To do Your best and take adequate rest: Taking rest is a must to do best,  PM Modi asked students to take proper rest between studies which will enhance the focus of their studies. Students can read books, practice deep breathing and Yogasana to relax muscles and body.

Sleep is a great weapon: PM Modi tells the students to take deep sleep as a weapon it will make you refresh and active. It is not necessary to take long hours of sleep, Less hours but sound sleep is necessary.

Play to shine: PM Modi gives the twelfth mantra, to play outside because it is necessary for the students to play outdoor games to make themselves physically fit and strong along with studies. Person who plays, shines.

Be you own Anchor: Narendra Modi here asks students to celebrate their strength and to trust their abilities. Students need to focus on the strength they have because everybody is blessed with unique qualities.

Revision: PM Narendra Modi gives the mantra of Revision and shares tips of good revision is to make the points and Highlight the points, it will help the students to revise the syllabus during exams. Brain mapping is a good tool of revision and group revision is also a good way to revise the syllabus. 

Little things Matters: He asks students to observe exams discipline because little things matter. It is told by PM Modi in this chapter. Exams essential should be ready before going for the exam.

Your Exam your method-Choose your own style: PM Modi advised students to use their own style for answering in the exams because it is their exams, method of answering questions should be of them only.

Exam Warriors PDF Download

Presentation: Narendra Modi tells students about the importance of presentation of writing answers in the exams. Because it is the icing on cake, most of the work is done. neat contents, beautiful handwriting and proper paragraphs to  make the presentation impressive . 

To cheat to be cheap: PM Modi Tells students in this chapter that to cheat in the exams is really harmful because it may help you to pass in the exam but not in life.

Do not spend much time on a question: In this chapter PM Modi suggests students not to spend much time on single questions but also students to solve the questions first which they can easily. Afterward, solve the questions which are less known.

Experience yourselves: PM Modi asks students in this chapter to discover yourselves. during exams you lived to learn Go out and learn.

India is Incredible-tour and explore: In this chapter PM Narendra Modi asks students to go out and explore the incredible India and experience the beauty  and diversity of incredible India. because India is Incredible.

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One journey ends another journey begins: In this chapter Author ask students to choose the Subject, colleges carefully ,keeping your interest in mind after board exams because it will be , which your career depends on.

Aspire not to become something but to do something: In this chapter, He gave the twenty second mantra to the students that  aspire to do something not to become things. Because  aspires to lead you while aspires to become to mislead you.

Be grateful:bIn this chapter Modi asks students to be grateful to parents and people whom you meet. Every person has equally contributed to your success.
Yoga: PM Modi Advised students to do yoga regularly to keep mentally and physically fit. Yogasana helps you to sharpen your memory.
These are twenty five mantras given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the exam warriors. Which will help student to overcome their fear of Exams and also advised parents not to make pressure on students for studies.

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Book Title Exam Warriors
Author Narendra Modi
Publisher Ebury Press
Page Count 208
Language English
File Type PDF
File Size 7.9MB

Exam Warriors book pdf by Narendra Modi is available in English and Hindi language as well and the PDF Downloading and Free Audiobook link of the book is given below to read and listen to the book online so users can read and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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