Doglapan PDF by Ashneer Grover

Doglapan PDF by Ashneer Grover: It is an upcoming Autobiography which is announced and written by  himself, Bharatpe co-founder and the famed personality Ashneer Grover who now penned down his journey from the Delhi boy to the most talked CEO of the start ups of nation Now-a Days. He has Titled the book on his dialogue Doglapan which became most famous meme of Social Media after the shark tank. 

He has penned the experience in the form of a book and summarizes his learning and lessons of what he has experienced during when he began his first start-ups which will help people to give clarity towards starting or doing something people wants to do new in the world of business. and he has shared his life step by step from malvia days to love life and from shark tank to deceptions every stage of his life in details. 

Doglapan pdf by ashneer grover

Doglapan book is about the journey of Ashneer Grover, what he was and now what he is and how he started his first start ups and make it Unicorn. He has gained immense popularity and become a household name after joining TV Show named Shark Tank as a judge. He has shared how much it was difficult to start new business and the hard truth behind the life and start-ups.

In this book, Ashneer tells his mistakes that he has made while working in Bharatpe he opened up his journey of Bharatpe what he lost and gained in this company. He took these mistakes as lessons of business and gave them the face of lessons for the beginners who want to come in the world of startup and want to make their business.

Doglapan pdf

He says that Job can never make you rich and richer. The thing that can make you richer is the business only and the Execution of Idea should be proper and it should be scalable and unique. If an idea is executed brilliantly it will make money for you because sometimes brilliant ideas look good on paper and when executed, give nothing to the founder. 

Always focus on the customer’s needs because the customer is the king he is  who gives you money.

Always make good team work with the team because One man army never works long because all work you can not do, so hire the people for you and let them work for you and they will  make money for you.

Another lesson is to always keep trustworthy people in a team because the person who betrayed you is your closer so keep your family member on board  and priority so they can help you out from the problematic situation.

Investors play a very vital role in any start-ups because they not only give you money but also use their knowledge and networks in the business for the growth. 

Never lose the opportunity to get paid what you have done and make sure you always get paid what you deserve and you have done for the company and try to negotiate until opportunity ends.

Contents of Doglapan pdf

  • Malviya Nagar Where it All Begin
  • Teri Hawa Kitni Hai
  • Mads: The Love of my Life 
  • My Naukri Days
  • Grofrers: The Beginning of Entrepreneurial Journey
  • A Dark Phase
  • BharatPe: The Genesis
  • The Building Blocks
  • The Stairway to Success
  • Souring Relationships
  • Martyr to One’s Own Cause
  • Shark Tank
  • The Nykaa IPO and Kotak Saga
  • The Ultimate Deception
  • The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

He has worked as investment banker in Kotak Mahindra Bank and American Express and PC Jewelers before joining Grofers. He joined Grofers as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and made it Unicorn with his hard work and innovative ideas.

Ashneer grover doglapan pdf

Ashneer was born in the middle class family of Delhi where his father was Chartered Accountant and Mother was a teacher in School. He has done his Graduation in Civil Engineering and before doing an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, He went to INSA Lyon university of  France  for student exchange programme.

After leaving Grofers, Ashneer and Shashwat Nakrani Incorporated Fintech company named Bharat Pe In 2018 in which Ashneer owned 9.5% stake and this Bharat pe start-ups became the milestone of Ashneer’s life and it was also a unicorn. It is also the first company which started the first UPI payment backed merchant cash advance service and gives the service of transfers payment within a minute to the bank through it with no extra charges. 

Related details of doglapan book pdf

Book Title Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups
Author  Ashneer Grover
Publishers Penguin Business
Language  English
Pages Count 256
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 10 December 2022

Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups by Ashneer Grover is going to release on 10 December 2022 and pre order link of book is given below to get the book and Free Audiobook trial’s link of the book is also mentioned below to listen to the book online so users can order and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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