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My experiments with truth pdf

“My Experiments with Truth” pdf is the book about Mahatma  Gandhi ‘s journey  from  coward to become  father of nation ,freedom fighter of nation. This book was  written by Gandhiji himself  and translated by  Mahadev Desai . This book presents how Gandhiji always followed the path of Lord Shri Ram : “Always be with truth”.

Gandhi’s father Mr Karam Chandra Gandhi was not well educated as he worked as munshi in a firm his mother was Putli Bai who was a very simple and religious  lady. Gandhiji was very close to her mother  and very much influenced by her.

the story of my experiments with truth pdf

At the age of 13 Gandhiji was married to Kasturba  bai who was not as literate  as Gandhiji but had extreme common sense. In childhood Gandhi was very shy and cowardly and this continued to his young age. An incident took place where Gandhiji asked to write a spell on board but he didn’t even after giving indication by his  teacher show how Gandhiji was determined towards his principles regarding truth.

He was very much influenced by Raja Harishchandra for always staying with Truth in any Situation. Once his father suffered from disease  he took care of him during illness because he was very devoted to his parents one day he passed away and this left a much impact on him. 

Before going to England Gandhiji gave three promises to his mother i.e.  he would not take meat , wine and he always be one woman man .Gandhiji experienced hurdles to survive in England as there were so many rules given  to him to follow. After that Gandhiji learnt the tradition and customs there to survive.

After returning to India Gandhiji Formed SABARMATI ASHRAM to run Satyagraha  protest to get India free from British. He allowed each and every one  from different caste, religion to his ashram.  

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  • Book Title              “My Experiments with Truth PDF”
  • Written By              Mahatma Gandhi  in Gujarati Language
  • Translated by         Mahadev Desai
  • General Editor       Shriman Narayan
  • Published by          Navajivan Publishing House
  • Pages Count            557
  •   Size                        6.8 MB
  •  Language             Original Copy in Gujarati , translated into English

In 1907 The National Congress was split into two groups i.e  Garam Dal and Naram Dal,  Garam Dal was led by Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Naram Dal was led by Gokhale.

After the death of Gokhale  Gandhiji joined Naram Dal . During world war British put a proposal before Gandhiji for getting people to join force and fight from them. In return they would accept their demand. Gandhiji accepted the proposal and started recruiting the people for war.

After world war British retracted. Gandhi visited Champaran where the British exploited Indian farmers by farming of  different crops  , they exported Indian resources to their country like cotton and others and did not give any amount to the Indian farmers, Seeing all this Gandhiji started campaign for Boycotting  Videshi Samaan and  encouraged people to use Desi Samaan this protest continued to Jallianwala Bagh on 6 April 1919 against boycott Videshi Samaan This protest was done peacefully and heavy crowd were there General Dyer ordered his troop to fire on the crowd. Thousands of people were killed and injured

Book preview of Mahatma Gandhi autobiography pdf


  1. Birth and Parentage
  2. Childhood
  3. Child Marriage
  4. Playing the Husband
  5. At the High School
  6. A Tragedy
  7. A Tragedy (Contd.)
  8. Stealing and Atonement
  9. My Father’s Death and My Double Shame
  10. Glimpses of Religion
  11. Preparation for England
  12. Outcaste
  13. In London at Last
  14. My Choice
  15. Playing the English Gentleman
  16. Changes
  17. Experiments in Dietetics
  18. Shyness My Shield 
  19. The Canker of Untruth
  20. Acquaintance with Religions
  21. निर्बल के र्बलराम
  22. Narayan Hemchandra
  23. The Great Exhibition
  24. ‘Called’-But Then?
  25. My Helplessness 


  1. Raychandbhai
  2. How I Began Life
  3. The First Case
  4. The First Shock
  5. Preparing for South Africa
  6. Arrival in Natal
  7. Some Experiences
  8. On the Way to Pretoria
  9. More Hardships
  10. First Day in Pretoria
  11. Christian Contacts
  12. Seeking Touch with Indians
  13. What It Is To Be a ‘Coolie’
  14. Preparation for the Case
  15. Religious Ferment
  16. Man Proposes, God Disposes
  17. Settled in Natal 
  18. Colour Bar
  19. Natal Indian Congress
  20. Balasundaram
  21. The £3 Tax
  22. Comparative Study of Religions
  23. As a Householder
  24. Homeward
  25. In India
  26. Two Passions
  27. The Bombay Meeting 
  28. Poona and Madras
  29. ‘Return Soon’


  1. Rumblings of the Storm
  2. The Storm
  3. The Test
  4. The Calm after the Storm
  5. Education of Children
  6. Spirit of Service
  7. Brahmacharya – I
  8. Brahmacharya – II
  9. Simple Life
  10. The Boer War
  11. Sanitary Reform And Famine Relief
  12. In India Again
  13. Clerk and Bearer
  14. In the Congress
  15. Lord Curzon’s Durbar
  16. A month with Gokhale – I
  17. A month with Gokhale – II
  18. A month with Gokhale – III
  19. In Benares 
  20. Settled in Bombay?
  21. Faith on its Trial
  22. To South Africa Again


  1. ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’?
  2. Autocrats from Asia
  3. Pocketed the Insult
  4. Quickened Spirit of Sacrifice
  5. Result of Introspection
  6. A Sacrifice to Vegetarianism
  7. Experiments in Earth and Water Treatment 
  8. A Warning
  9. A Tussle with Power
  10. A Sacred Recollection and Penance
  11. Intimate European Contacts
  12. European Contacts (Contd.) 
  13. Indian Opinion 
  14. Coolie Locations or Ghettoes?
  15. The Black Plague – I
  16. The Black Plague – II
  17. Location in Flames
  18. The Magic Spell of a Book
  19. The Phoenix Settlement
  20. The First Night
  21. Polak Takes the Plunge
  22. Whom God Protects
  23. A Peep into the Household
  24. The Zulu ‘Rebellion’
  25. Heart Searchings
  26. The Birth of Satyagraha
  27. More Experiments in Dietetics
  28. Kasturbai’s Courage
  29. Domestic Satyagraha
  30. Towards Self-Restraint
  31. Fasting
  32. As Schoolmaster
  33. Literary Training
  34. Training of the Spirit
  35. Tares among the Wheat
  36. Fasting as Penance
  37. To Meet Gokhale
  38. My Part in the War 
  39. A Spiritual Dilemma
  40. Miniature Satyagraha
  41. Gokhale’s Charity
  42. Treatment of Pleurisy
  43. Homeward
  44. Some Reminiscences of the Bar 
  45. Sharp Practice?
  46. Clients Turned Co-Workers
  47. How a Client Was Saved


  1. The First Experience
  2. With Gokhale in Poona
  3. Was It a Threat?
  4. Shantiniketan
  5. Woes of Third Class Passengers
  6. Wooing
  7. Kumbha Mela
  8. Lakshman Jhula
  9. Founding of the Ashram
  10. On the Anvil
  11. Abolition of Indentured Emigration 
  12. The Stain of Indigo
  13. The Gentle Bihari
  14. Face to Face with Ahimsa
  15. Case Withdrawn 
  16. Methods of Work
  17. Companions
  18. Penetrating the Villages
  19. When a Governor Is Good
  20. In Touch with Labour
  21. A Peep into the Ashram
  22. The Fast
  23. The Kheda Satyagraha
  24. ‘The Onion Thief’
  25. End of Kheda Satyagraha 
  26. Passion for Unity
  27. Recruiting Campaign
  28. Near Death’s Door
  29. The Rowlatt Bills and My Dilemma
  30. That Wonderful Spectacle!
  31. That Memorable Week! – I
  32. That Memorable Week! – II
  33. ‘A Himalayan Miscalculation’
  34. Navajivan and Young India
  35. In the Punjab
  36. The Khilafat Against Cow Protection?
  37. The Amritsar Congress
  38. Congress Initiation
  39. The Birth of Khadi 
  40. Found at Last! 
  41. An Instructive Dialogue
  42. Its Rising Tide
  43. At Nagpur


my experiments with truth pdf download

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