The Intelligent investor PDF Download

The intelligent investor PDF Download

The Intelligent Investor PDF download is a Book written by Benjamin Graham which tells about the way of investing money in the stock market so that a person can invest money in the stock market wisely. This book gives the complete knowledge of stock market and helps people to know everything before investing.

Benjamin Graham is American Economist and investor he is mainly known as the father of value investing and he wrote two books on investments- Security Analysis published in 1934 and The intelligent Investor in 1949. According to Warren Buffett it is the best ever book written about investment which helps people to know the market before investment. 

The intelligent investor pdf in hindi

Investing and Speculating

Author said that people must have basic knowledge about investing otherwise it will be speculation .He said that people need to do Thorough Research by themselves before investment  not to just read newspapers or magazines because it will not give you complete knowledge of investment.

Second is safety of money is important, investor will see the safety of money where investor is about to invest whereas speculator sees the return he get after specific period of time and third is adequate return, author said it will depend on person how much return investor want if investor want 7% to 8% return so FD is a Investment, if want more than it then stock market, mutual fund and gold investments are the options.

Mr Market

He mentioned the character named Mr Market due to uncertain Ups and Downs in the market and having fluctuation in the market who actually runs the market he said people need to wait and buy shares when prices of share are low and sell the shares when prices of shares are high but generally investors are afraid of losing money and  also change their mood according to the market and sell the shares when prices are low due to sudden down. Here the author says that investors need to wait for the market to go up.

The intelligent investor hindi

Margin of Safety

Benjamin Graham says that investors must keep the margin of safety before investing money in the stock market because this margin of safety will help you to recover your loss when losses occur means investors need to purchase shares on the low price maintaining margin of safety. Investors always keep 15% to 20% margin of safety before buying shares every time because many times assumptions may be wrong about return of shares and growth of the company.

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Book Title                The Intelligent Investor
Penned by                Benjamin Graham

Published by            Harper Business

Language                    English

Pages Count               643

Size                             5 MB


Benjamin Graham says that before purchasing shares from IPOs, investors need to identify that company is making IPO available to the public and company always make shares available on high rate rather than Stock market. In stock market there is possibility that availability of shares can be on low price but this possibility gone zero in case of IPO. Here Author suggested to investors to prefer purchasing shares from NSE, BSE and Stock Exchange Rather than IPOs.

The Intelligent Investor PDF File Free Download

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