How I Topped the UPSC Book Gamini Singla PDF

How I topped the UPSC Book Gamini Singla PDF -In this article we will talk about the newly released book in December 2022 How I Topped the UPSC and How Can You Too which is based on Competitive Exam especially for UPSC Exam. How I Topped the UPSC and How Can You Too is very useful for those aspirant who are preparing for UPSC Exams. 

This Book is written by Gamini Singla who got all India third rank in UPSC Exam 2021 and She tried to cover all her strategies she followed during her preparations and exam time. Also covers mistakes she did and the lessons, learnt from her mistakes and to plan your daily routine and Effective notes and  revision routine during study.

How I Topped the UPSC Book Gamini Singla PDF

This book will help UPSC Aspirants to get guidance to crack the exam on each level as it is written by one who practically faced the problems, dealt and overcame it. She has covered almost everything which an UPSC Aspirants face during their preparation and Competitive Exams. There are three stages in UPSC Exams which one needs to clear.

Prelims Exam: It is the test of Objective type questions in which Multiple choice questions are asked. There are two mandatory papers in this stage containing 200 marks each and one can sit in the mains exam only after clearing Prelims. 

Mains Exam:  It Is a written test in which Nine papers are included but only obtained marks of seven papers are used for merit ranking; the other two papers are mandatory languages containing 300 marks each.

Personality Test: This is the final stage of this exam where a personality test is held to examine one’s skills in Behaviour, Subject related knowledge and problem solving skills. One Who clears all three stages enters the civil services of the country. 

Contents of How I Topped the UPSC PDF

The book has been divided into two major parts which contain various chapters. In which She covered the topics related to crossing the Mental Hurdles under First part and Rules of the Game under the second part.

Part 1 Crossing the Mental Hurdle

  • How to Keep Yourself from going crazy with comparison
  • Why Being Fit is Going to Help You Score
  • How to take Risk and Win
  • How I Decide I Would Do the UPSC
  • Handling the Pressure From Your Family
  • I Just Can’t Do It: Managing Stress
  • How Important are Backups?
  • Guilt
  • Change The Way You Talk to Yourself
  • When Everything is Planned, Where Does Uniqueness Fit?
  • How Important Is It to Plan Well and Stay Consistent?
  • Happiness – An Important Accompaniment for Struggle
  • Have a No Excuses Policy
  • Dealing With Tragedies Beyond Your Control
  • How It Feels to Fail and Finally Then Succeed  

Part 2 Rules of the Game

  • How I Planned For My First Prelims- And What I got Wrong
  • My Plan 2.0 Post Prelims
  • How Many Hours of Study You Need?: A Sneak Peek into My Timetable
  • How to Plan Your Breaks
  • How Important is It to Solve Mocks
  • How to Read Newspapers Effectively
  • What to Do One Day Before the Prelims
  • What to Do to Get Extra Edge in the Mains
  • How to Ace the Optional Subject
  • How to Use the Two and a Half Months after the Prelims
  • Acing The Interview Stage

She says that the big difference between, one who is able to do and one who is not able to do is, how mentally prepared you are, even after putting in the same hard work and she emphasizes student to preparing for UPSC exams should preparing psychologically, dealing with self-doubt and anxiety.

Related details of the How I Topped the UPSC Book PDF

Book Title How I Topped the UPSC Pdf
Author  Gamini Singla
Publishers Juggernaut Publication
Language  English
Pages Count 208
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 22 December 2022

How I topped the upsc pdf by gamini singla is available in English language and the PDF Downloading and Free Audiobook link of the book is given below to read and listen to the book online so users can read and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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