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Environmental Studies class 5 pdf : This is a Subject book in class 5th in which knowledge related to the environment is provided and to provide the basic concept to students how nature and living within works. This textbook is designed for the child so that they could explore the subject instead of being compelled to learn.

This book is designed in such a way that students can understand them well and in which real life incidents are given in the chapters of the book so that students can relate to them like Fuel, Petrol, water and forest etc. content of the book in spoken English rather than formal language. 

environmental studies class 5 pdf download

Though this subject gives the opportunities to Students learn things by looking around. There are twenty two chapters divided into six themes provided in the book and each chapter contains writing answers to the questions and given some exercise to do at the end of chapters to know about the learning of students. In this, Students are given opportunities to express their learning by doing and looking at the textbook is designed in such a way so that students can easily relate and familiar with language, visual effect and text. 

From Chapter 18 to 22 in the theme of Family and Friends which consist of other parts of family and Friends like Relationships, works and play, animals and  plants, others.in this theme each chapter will give some lessons about the family and friends, their relationships and experiences and how they work. 

environmental studies class 5 pdf

 In another Theme, There are chapters related to Food Digesting preservative techniques and cooking. There are few stories in the theme which talk about the good and bad food and how the digestion of the stomach came into light which is told in the real story and students will learn the technique how food is cooked then preserved.

In another theme which talks about the water water arrangements and their sources because it is the need of our daily life and there are few places where no source of water is available and how and what techniques are used to arrange and collect water in such villages like Rajasthan.

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Book Title Environmental Studies Class 5 Book
Publisher NCERT
Language  English
Pages Count 204
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB

Environmental studies class 5 pdf is available in the English language.The PDF Downloading and Free Audiobook link of the book is given below to read and listen to the book online so users can read and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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