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iswaran the storyteller is a story which features two main characters: Mahendra and his cook Iswaran and written by R.K. Laxman. It is a chapter given in class 9 and The story is about Mahendra, the Junior Supervisor who works in a company which supplies labourers on rent and his cook Iswaran who is fond of reading stories and telling those stories to Mahendra in an interesting way creating twists and turns.

This Story starts when Mahendra narrates the story about Iswaran to the Ganesh and his fond of reading Stories with deep Interest and feel and tell stories by creating full suspense. Here Mahendra works in an company which provides labourer on rent for constructing bridges and other constructions works  and he is Junior Supervisor and due to his job he has to move from one place to another but he always travel with his cook named Iswaran.

iswaran the storyteller

Iswaran works for mahendra and live with him too. He also travels from one place to another along with Mahendra and never complain for his travelling due to his job.he made breakfast and lunch for him, washes his clothes and other house chores and he always mumbles prayers while taking bath and reading Tamil Thriller stories with deep emotions before sleeping. 

Mahendra says that Iswaran made a very tasty food and does not know how he found the vegetables at the new place but he did and Mahendra here gave an example of how Iswaran will  tell a story of a fallen tree that will be told by pointing his finger towards the fallen tree that when he was alone going on the road he had saw something on road like animal lying on the road when i went there that was no animal but also a branch of fallen tree and mahendra was silent during the whole story.

iswaran the storyteller class 9

He gave one more example of Iswaran telling a story, that Iswaran belongs to a place, where timbers are famous and used for making furniture and match sticks. Timber blocks are lifted and put into trucks by the elephants he further details the story by acting like Crazy tusker that how Tusker behaves, when tusker (Elephant) got crazy.

Iswaran shares the story based on a true incident that An elephant reached to the outskirts of the town and came to the main road of town by crossing to the fences and people were running helter and skelter and reached the school by destroying the bricks and doors. Students and teachers  went to the stairs and he told he was in a junior class and watching all this.

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He ran towards the elephant and broke the branch of the tree and hit hard on the third nail of the elephant and an elephant felt shaking and sat down and took care of the elephant for 2-3 days by .here Iswaran tool break and went to warm up  the food and mahendra was in rapt attention and complete the story and told about the Japanese tricks of handling.

One day he asked mahendra to cook special food and told him that where they were living ,he had seen dead bodies and evil spirits at night but i was not scared of it. Mahendra got angered at Iswaran and went to sleep. After this Mahendra checked the side of the window daily but found nothing .

One day Mahendra woke up from sleep as he hears the voice of cat and was curious to check the where the voice is coming and he sees the  dark cloudy bundles outside of the window and got scared of it and next morning when he is about to leave for office Iswaran tells him about the incident happened with him last night and Mahendra did not listen to him and went to the office and resigned because he wanted to leave this place.

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Book Title              Iswaran the storyteller
Written By             R.K. Laxman
Language              English
Format                   PDF
Pages Count          7
Size                      595 KB 

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