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The Silent Patient- This book is a Psychological Crime Thriller  novel written by the Author Alex Michaelides in which Theo Faber who is an English Psychotherapist narrates the story of a woman named Alicia Berenson who kills her husband by shooting a gun five times in his face and becomes silent.

This book is the debut book of Author and in his first writing, The Silent patient has become no 1 at the New York Times best seller book list and in 2019 won the Goodreads Choice Award in the Mystery and Thriller category. Alex Michaelides has knitted the story around Alicia Berenson who is a core suspect of Her husband’s murder and many more suspects come into the light as story begin ahead. he has known to write books like the silent patient

The silent patient

Alicia Berenson is a famous painter and happily married and living with her husband Gabriel Berenson who is Professional photographer, held guilty of his husband murder. 

After the murder of Gabriel and Alicia became silent, considering her mental ill, she was sent into the Grove which is a Secure forensic Unit where Mr. Theo Faber, who is a forensic Psychotherapist shows his keen interest to deal with the case of Alicia and he apply in the grove and he has been appointed to deal case of the Alicia.

Theo Faber started taking her therapy sessions and Alicia remains silent during the session. But she handed over her diary to the Theo Faber in which she noted that a stalker was following her couple of days before of Gabriel death after the diary Mr Theo Faber contacted to the Alicia’s Cousin who told about Alicia’s Childhood and her mother death who committed suicide and her father was broke down by her mother’s death and started crying out loud that Alicia would have died in place of her mother.

This incident left heavy impacts on Alicia’s mind and Theo tells this incident to Alicia after a long time Alicia starts speaking in front of Theo that the Stalker who was following her, shot Gabriel. Theo is shocked to hear it here. It is revealed that Theo is the stalker and he was stalking Gabriel because Theo’s wife was having an affair with Gabriel and wanted to prove to Alicia that Gabriel is cheating on her. 

It is proved when Theo asks him to choose one between him and his wife and Gabriel chooses himself and Theo leaves the this incident, Alicia remembered her childhood memory as her father did with her and lost her mental health and shot her husband. 

After listening to a false story from Alicia ,Theo understands that Alicia has identified him and he tries to kill Alicia by giving her overdose of drugs but Alicia noted event of every minute into her diary and hides it in her painting before losing her consciousness and getting into Coma and the Police find the diary and visit Theo’s house and read the final minutes of Alicia’s Diary and arrest him.

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Book Title              The silent patient
Written By             Alex Michaelides
Publisher               Orion
Language              English
Format                   PDF
Pages Count         217
Size                      1 MB 

the silent patient is available in English language and the download link of the book is given below so users can download PDF by clicking on the link.

The silent patient Free PDF Download

The Silent Patient Book


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