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The Lost Child pdf is a story of a Small Child who goes to the fair with his parents and gets separated from his parents due to the pursuit of seeing toys. It is a story of the emotions of a Child towards his parents.. 

It is a Chapter in English of Class 9th and the story is written by Mulk Raj Anand.This story is about the bond and love between A Child and his Parents who love each other. Mulk Raj Anand was an Indian English Writer who is known for his Novels and Short Stories and generally he writes for Poor and outcast people.

summary of the lost child

The story starts in the spring season and people are going towards a fair. A Child goes to the fair with his parents and stops there seeing toys and ask his parents to buy toy for him but his father deny to purchase that toy but his mother makes him understand divert his mind pointing her finger towards the flowering mustard field and the child sees the Butterfly sitting on the crops and he follows them but did not catch them and started playing with them.

His Parents go ahead and call him and sit under the shade of a tree beside the well as he moves to run towards his parents. His mind is diverted seeing the rain petal and he starts gathering the raining petal forgetting his parent’s call. He again sees the bird and started shouting Dove Dove and his parents again call him and he come back to his parents and walking little ahead he see sweets shop having varieties of sweets and wanted to eat but does not insist to eat because he knows her parents will not buy it for him.

the lost child pdf

He sees a flower shop who is selling garland walking a little bit ahead and mumbles to buy but he goes ahead and follows his parents knowing his parents will make excuses not to buy it.  He sees a balloon seller but goes ahead and see snake who is dancing on a snake  charmer bean and remembers that his parents told him to stay away.  

He further sees a people who are swinging on the swings and is happy to see them swinging and say loudly to swing but he does not find his parents there and is afraid of  and began to call Mother Father but none of them were there and run towards the temple .

A young Man sees towards him in the temple and takes him towards the swing and ask him to swing but refuse to swing and started crying to go to his parents then the young man takes him to the snake charmer and ask him to enjoy and music of the bean and dance of the snake but he keeps hand on his hear and again repeating the I want my mother and father ( to go to his parents) .

The Young man again takes him to Flower man and balloon man and ask him to take flower and balloon but again denies to take those things and tells him that I want my Mother and father and he finally visits the sweet shop with the child and ask him to take sweet what he likes but he denies to take it and the story ends here.

Summary of the lost child is that, In the beginning a child who is getting attracted towards the materialistic things he wants and getting upset with his parents not to get, the same materialistic things became useless and not attracting him when he got separated from his parents.

Related Details of the lost child

Book Title              The Lost Child
Written By              Mulk Raj Anand
Language              English
Format                   PDF
Pages Count          6
Size                       3.3 MB 

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