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weathering the storm in ersama is a story of a super cyclone on 27 October 1999 in Orrisa and narrated by Prashant who is the main character of the story. This story is written by Harsh Mandel and the chapter taught in  class 9 as well. The story is about Prashant who has lost his mother 7 years ago in a cyclone and he saves many lives and his village from the super cyclone.

The story starts 27 october 1999 when Prashant goes to Ersama to spend a one day holiday      at his friend’s house who lives 18 kilometers far from his village. In the evening they hear news of a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal and then to ersama within a few minutes.

weathering the storm in ersama

House of Prashant’s friend was safe because of its building of Cement and bricks but the whole village was in a water and trees were uprooted .Dead bodies and trees were floating in the water and this situation continued 36 hours. Prashant and his friends along with family reached the roof of the House and saved their lives by drinking coconut water only for the next 36 hours.

After waiting for some time, He decided to go to his village and he along with two more people left for the village ,who met him on the way while leaving for his village. They move towards the village while removing Dead bodies and animals from the road.

When he reached his village and saw the village destroyed by a cyclone and his house was buried under the trees. He saw None of the family members there and he moved to the red cross society to find his family member and first sees his maternal Grandmother then rest of the family members there and is happy to see all of them but Eighty five people of the village died in the cyclone. 

class 9 weathering the storm in ersama

After the four days of the cyclone, he saw the helicopter, which dropped the parcel of food and did not come back. Prashant who is nineteen years old decides to gather youth like him and visit the rice  merchant who has a large quantity of Rice and asks them to provide them with sufficient quantity. Merchants agree to give the rice after a lot of effort and Prashant along with others bring the rice to the shelter and cook them by wet wood. Nobody complained of spoiled and rotten rice. After 1-2 days rice is also finished. 

They all depended on the food provided by the government through the  helicopter but food provided by the militant helicopter was not sufficient for 2500 people living in shelter. Here Prashant suggested an idea to children to lie down on the roof by carrying an empty utensil on the stomach. Seeing this Empty utensil Militant support begins to provide food.

summary of weathering the storm in ersama

After six days the cyclone situation was the same and he decided to not depend on the government and segregate the work accordingly. All men are assigned to search for food and bed and women are assigned to stay there and take care of children. All are busy in their duties and trying to bring life back on track. After some days Prashant tells women to work for food which is run by an NGO.

After the cyclone Government decide to open two different Institutions for the women and Orphans and he opposes that two institutions are not required to open and it should be one where orphans and widow women will get their support from each other.

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