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The beggar class 9 is a story of beggar who spend his life by Begging in the street and becomes the notary later and His life became better than before, A Beggar named Lushkoff who begs in the streets by telling a lie to the person and takes money from them and spends that money to purchase vodka. This is a chapter in English of Class 9.

It is a Russian Story written by Russian Author Anton Chekov who is very famous for his short stories. This Story teaches students about willingness to work, hard work and dedication towards achieving a Goal. In this story Author has Shown through the Beggar Lushkoff was beggar at a time and later on with the help of Olga get rid of Alcohol and with his dedication and hard work became the notary

The beggar class 9 summary

one day in the evening, he begs to the Sergei who is passing through the street by saying him i did not eat for many days please give some money for food and continues to day that he was a teacher since last 8 years but his colleagues make him fired by doing the conspiracy against him. Sergei looked at him beggar further said that i have a offer of next job but unfortunately I do not have enough money to go there but Sergei Recognises him seeing towards his foot and ask him that he is the same person who was begging before 3-4 days saying he is a students. Here he completely denies it and someone else must be there. 

The Sergei shouted at him for telling a lie and warned him to send him to jail. Beggar scares and tells him that Sir I am a musician who works in a Music band but due to having a habit of taking alcohol he was fired from the band. Sergei says why do not you work because you are well physically. Beggar said what work I can do and who will give me work?

The Sergei asked, “Would you work cutting wood? Beggar said there are many woodcutters who are unemployed and can do this work better than me. Why are you offering this job to me? Here the Sergei says that do you work or not? Just reply. Beggar could not deny and accept the offer and went to the Sergei’s house with him. 

Sergei called the Olga and told her to show the wood shade to the Beggar. Olga , who was working as a maid at the Sergei ‘ house, took the beggar to the wood shade and gave him an axe to cut the wood. The Beggar was drunk and could not even walk properly. 

the beggar class 9

At the wood shade a beggar was not able to cut the block and was afraid of getting hurt by an axe. Seeing this Sergei thought, did he do the right thing to give beggars this kind of work? Who even is able to stand properly. But After some time Olga came and informed the Sergei that all the wood blocks had been cut and the Sergei was happy to hear this and told her to give ½ Rubal to beggar for his work and said Tell him to come once in a month to work and further said if he wants to work, can come once in a month to do work. So the Beggar often came and get work like woodcutting, cleaning, dusting the carpet and removing Snow and putting wood in shade and he was given 20 to 40 kopeks every time. One day when sergei move to another house he called lucksoff to help him to packing and hauling of the furniture and he hardly touched Sergei says that he is happy to see him working and leaving alcohol and his words affected Lushkoff and help him to improve.

He further ask Lushkoff , can you write lushkoff said Yes i Can. Sergei handed over a letter to him and told him to meet his friend and he will give you a work of copying there. Remember Do not Drink and work hard.

After two years, in an evening Sergei goes to the theatre where he sees a person who is well dressed and buying ticket at the Ticket window and given Copper coin to buy Theatre ticket. Sergei recognizes him and tells Lushkoff is that you and how is doing ? Lushkoff Replied yes, I am Lushkoff and i am a Notary now. Sergei was delighted to know about him and told him about what he has said and you are my god son and i showed you right path in life and thank you to remember my words. Here Lushkoff said yes, you are person who has show me right path, I am very thankful to you but there is one more person to whom I am thankful to that person more than you Sergei Asked about that person lushkoff said she is very nice women. She is your cook Olga . Olga is that person who made me right person and cried for me and did all my word assigned by you. I never chopped a single wood and i could left alcohol because of olga she spoke too much to me to do work. I never forget her and The ring bells and lushkoff departures,

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