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The greatest enemy of rain pdf is a newly released book which was released on 05 Aug 2022 and written by Keralite author Manu Bhattathiri. The book as it denotes that the greatest enemy of rain is neither the fallen tree nor it is reason for increasing global temperature, Industrialization  and the burning fossil fuel. The only enemy of rain is the man who lives in the small town named Gopi and who hates rain. 

The Book contains fourteen small but memorable stories about the characters which shows the social and mysterious aspect of everyday life of  whimsical and strange characters. The characters b of the book are totally fictional characters. In this book, Author has displayed the characters struggling to deal with  questions of death, life and freedom, vengeance of the old days.

About the Author of the greatest enemy of rain book pdf download

Author Manu Bhattathiri who is Keralite settled in Bangalore and lives with his family. He has been a College lecturer and has worked as a journalist in New Indian Express and as a copywriter in several advertising agencies as well. He wrote many articles and short stories in Magazines and Newspapers.

His book Savithri’s Special Room and Other Stories was his first ever book and it was widely acclaimed by the people and nominated for many awards. Manu Bhattathiri is the author of two novels as well named‘’ The Town That Laughed’’ and other one is ‘’The Oracle of Karuthupuzha’’

Contents of the greatest enemy of rain by manu bhattathiri pdf

  • The Greatest Enemy of Rain
  • These New-Fangled Ways
  • Days Without Teacher
  • Shravan Kumar’s Last Day
  • The Sound 
  • The Answer
  • The Singing Butterflies of Duabaag
  • Uncle
  • Shabri and Anita
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pariera
  • The Shit of the Seraph
  • A Difficult Customer
  • The Women Who loved to be Right
  • Mani and The Ghost

In the greatest enemy of rain Gopi thinks about his finding which he used to outwit his  formidable enemy that is the strong rain in Kerala. These New Fangled Ways’ in the ancient period Mista took the plunge to do what no one ever imagined to do before that is cooking over fire  whereas her parents fainted. 

In the Shabari and Anita story  A couple leaves the activities they did in their daily life in order to pursue new trends in men’s fashion and beauty at their shiny salon. The Answer Story consists of a befitting response to the epic highs and lows of a supercomputer tasked with proving the existence of God. 

Related Details of the greatest enemy of rain pdf

Book Title  The Greatest Enemy of Rain
Author  Manu Bhattathiri
Publisher Aleph Book Company
Language English
Pages Count  267
File Type PDF
Size 4551 KB

The greatest enemy of rain book by Manu Bhattathiri is published on 05 Aug  2022 in English language and the Order link of the book is given below to get your copy so users can place your order for the book by clicking on the given link.

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