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one arranged murder pdf: It is a mystery thriller novel which is written by an Author Chetan Bhagat.This story is in continuation of the previous story The Girl in the Room 105. Keshav has moved on and his trust in love was diminished and he began to objectify women while Saurabh marriage was fixed with the Malhothra family with a girl named Prerna who belonged to a rich family and she herself was an internet entrepreneur earning quite well.

Keshav and Saurabh are best friends, flat mates. Saurabh has a fiancé Prerna and on the occasion of KarvaChauth, Prerna had a fast and waited for Saurabh on the terrace. But when Saurabh reaches there he finds Prerna dead by falling from the terrace. But Saurabh does not believe that it was an accident because he saw Prerna’s phone on the opposite side of the road. He thought it was a murder.

one arranged murder pdf

He started an investigation as Saurabh and Keshav have a detective agency by the name Z Detective. They first shifted to Prerna’s house as their lease was getting expired in the next two months. They 1st suspected Aditya, Prerna’s uncle as his room is just below the terrace.

They searched Aditya’s room and found gloves and Prerna’s engagement ring. When they told about this to Ramesh uncle , Aditya got a good scolding from Ramesh uncle but on the next day Aditya was found dead in his own room by overdose of drugs. After that they were thorn out of the prerna’s house but got to know about Prerna’s family secret that Prerna and Anjali were the daughter of Bindu and they were twins.

one arranged murder book

As Bindu was not mature enough to feed her children so Ramesh uncle took Prerna and gave Anjali to Geetu. As Saurabh has Prerna’s email account they got to know about Ramesh uncle having taken a loan for their car showroom and wanted money from Prerna but she hadn’t given it to Ramesh uncle.

But the twist came in the story when Keshav justified his love for Anjali and told her to meet all his family members and by the time Ramesh uncle had a bail by his political power. When they went to Prerna’s house they said that they got the real culprit and Ramesh uncle has no need to be in jail.

After that Keshav asked Anjali to narrate the entire incident of Prerna’s death as she was the real culprit. Keshav got about it by the love bite in his chest that’s exactly similar to the love bite found in Aditya’s chest when they saw his dead body. Then Anjali narrated all incidents on the terrace on Karvachauth evening that how she pushed Prerna from the terrace. She also said that she felt jealous  because of the difference between her life and Prerna’s life that is why she did all this.

one arranged murder book is available in Hindi and English and the download link of novel is given below so users can download PDF by clicking on the link.

Related Details of one arranged murder book pdf

Book Title  one arranged murder
Author  Chetan Bhagat
Publisher HarperCollins India
Language English
Pages Count  273
File Type PDF
Size 2MB

one arranged murder book by Chetan Bhagat is available in English and Hindi language also and the PDF Downloading and Free Audiobook link of the book is given below to read and listen to the book online so users can read and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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