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It is a Romantic novel, which is based on the true story of Ravindra Singh’s life, who is an author of this novel as well. The story of this novel belongs to the Author of the book, which is written by Ravindra Singh. He has shared his own love story through this novel. In which he and his girlfriend Simar are featured.

Can love happen twice novel is the second part of his First written novel ‘’I too had a love story” which is the true story of his life In which He and khushi are featured who was his girlfriend and she dies in a car accident just before her engagement.

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The Novel Starts when three friends Manpreet, Happy and Amardeep meet at the parking of  Chandigarh airport on Valentine’s day after five years because they met five years back on their college reunion. They were invited by the Radio Station.

They went to Radio station 93.5, started reading book written by their friend. This is an unfinished and unpublished book by Ravin who is now in rehab center and  I too Had Love Story is written in the memory of his girlfriend Khushi who died in a car accident before their engagement. After the death of khushi Ravin was depressed and wrote a book.

After some time due to his business work, Ravin moved to Belgium where he explored the beauty of Belgium and met the Girl named Simar who was from Gurgaon and moved to Belgium for an MBA Degree there.

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They met for the first time in a Gym where they had a fight over Treadmill and gradually They became good friends and Simar frequently started visiting his house and he started treating her someone very special and attracted towards her and it was very difficult for him to accept this he has fallen in love with Simar because he was having same feeling for Simar as he felt for khushi when he was in love with her.

After spending Ten months in Belgium, Ravin returned to India and Simar was studying in Belgium but it was very difficult for them to bear distance but they were in touch through Video chat and phone calls and Simar came to India in her holidays and Ravin met her family and after some days Simar visits Chandigarh to meet his family.

Simar returned to the Belgium to complete her study while Ravin was in Chandigarh and they made up their mind to get married but problem took place where Simar wants to settle in Belgium and wants to live only with Ravin not with his family wherein Ravin wants to live with his family along with Simar.   

Ravin has spoke to her Parents regarding this but her parents agrees to the insensible demand of her daughter that how she was raised in such a way and finally Simar leaves Ravin on the  24th Feb, it is the same day on Khushi died and he had lost two important people in his life then he decided to write his experience in his diary but he admitted into rehab before he could finished it.

He Had read this unfinished story of Ravin on the Radio Station. Thousands of people listen to this channel including Simar. She heard the story and realized his mistakes and quickly drive to meet Ravin and the story ends here.

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Book Title             can love happen twice
Author                  Ravinder Singh
Language             English
Format                 PDF
Pages Count        114
Size                      29 MB

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