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The Sound of Music pdf: It is chapter of Class 9 which features Evelyn Glennie who is a Multi- Percussionist and lost his hearing power but listens to sound without hearing it. It has two parts, one part is about Evelyn Glennie and second part is about Shehnai of Bismillah Khan. Second Part of The Sound of Music is about Shehnai player Bismillah Khan.

When Evelyn’s mother was asked in the interview about Evelyn without hearing how she can speak so frankly. Evelyn’s mother ,Isabel Remember and said that Evelyn always was not deaf she lost her hearing power when she was Eight years old and participated in the Instrumental play competition of the School and was waiting for her turn sitting in the audience with her mom.

the sound of music class 9 summary

When her name was announced twice and she did not respond. Her mother felt that Evelyn is not able to hear properly. Evelyn does not tell anybody about her loss of hearing capacity. This finally confirmed when Evelyn was Eleven years old and got low marks in the class. Evelyn’s Headmistress realized and told Evelyn’s mom to consult the specialist because Evelyn was not able to hear what teachers were saying in the class.

Evelyn and her parents know about her nerve damage and gradually she would become completely deaf. Nerve specialist advised her parents to admit in the deaf school so that she could learn things easily. Otherwise it will be difficult for her to learn things easily.

After that Evelyn admitted into the deaf school and one day in her school, she noticed a girl who was playing xylophone and Evelyn also wanted to play but her Friends and Teachers discouraged her due to lack of hearing capability but Ron Forbes noticed her potential and took the responsibility to teach her playing instruments without hearing and he suggested her to feel the vibration and voice of the instrument instead of hearing. Gradually Evelyn practiced and learnt to feel the music and play the different instruments as well. She did free concerts in prison and hospitals.

In the age of Sixteen, Evelyn decide to give audition for royal academy of music to increase her knowledge in music but her parents and friends were not sure about her selection for the best academy of music but she got admission in the royal academy with top marks. After completing three years in Royal Academy of Music, in 1991 she won the Award for World’s Best Solo Instrument Player. This Story teaches us not to give up in life dedicated towards the goal and try to make our weakness into Strength.

the sound of music pdf

Second biography is about Bismillah Khan who was legendary  shehnai player which is a musical Instrument Played on auspicious occasions like weddings and temples. Ustad Bismillah Khan has made shehnai popular all over the world .

Aurangzeb had banned playing pungi in his palace because Aurangzeb did not like its pricked sound because it has an unpleasant sound. A barber who improved the pungi by making seven hole on the long hollowed pipe  and prepared the fine version of pungi which sound well while playing it. It is named Shehnai because shehnai had been played by the Barber (Nai in HIndi) in Royal (Shahi in HIndi) Court for the first Time because nine instruments would played In the court and Shehnai was one of them

Ustad Bismillah Khan lived in Dumraon in Bihar  when he was five years old. He played the gilli danda and used to visit the Bihari ji mandir to sing Chaita which is in Bhojpuri Language There. He used to get 1.25kg Laddoo in rewards. He was born on 21 March 1916 in the Musician family of Bihar and His father and paternal ancestors were also great Shehnai players. He was attracted towards music when he saw his Maternal uncle playing shehnai when he was three years old and visited his maternal uncle’s house Baranas and gradually he learnt Shehnai and practiced hours daily.

He said that River Ganga inspired him to improve and he invented many raag sitting on the side of river Ganga. Ustad Faiyaz was impressed with Bismillah Khan’s performance, given in Allahabad Music Conference. when All India Radio was started and Lucknow was made its Radio station Ustad Bismillah Khan first got recognition when he played shehnai at the All India Radio.

Bismillah Khan Became the first Indian who played Shehnai on Red Ford and sang Raag Kafi before the audience when India gained freedom. He has given many memorable performances in India and abroad. An Afghani KIng Zahir Shah gifted many Afghani Gifts like priceless Carpets and rare gifts  for his best performances during the Afghanistan Tour.

the sound of music summary

Film Director Vijay Bhatt named his film Gunj Uthi Shehnai by happy with the performance of Bismillah khan and used his composition in film  and film was blockbuster Hit and Song under his composition Dil ka Khilona Hai tut Gaya was a nationwide chartbuster and broke all the record.

He Made compositions only for two films because he did not like Glamour and artificiality of the film world and he has performed in Lincoln center Hall and World Explosion organized in Australia, Cannes Arts festival and Osaka Trade fair Japan also.

Tehran has changed the name of its famous Auditorium and named it Tahar Mosiquee Ustad Bismillah Khan. In 2001,He was Awarded with the highest civilian of India Bharat Ratna because it was his best recognition of his career. He was already honoured with the national award of the Padmashri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.  

While Receiving Award. He said” you all teach music to your children because it is the richest tradition of India. Even people from western countries are coming to India to learn music’’. He further said After traveling the world I always missed my village Dumron.

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