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A letter to god pdf: a letter to god is a story about Lencho who is the main character of Story. He is a farmer and has immense faith in God and surprisingly  wrote a letter to God and asked God to provide money to survive and a story of having strong belief in god and get helped by god.

One day Lencho who lives with his family and his house situated on the Crest of a low hill valley which is the only house in that valley and One can see the river and Field of ripe corn. He was expecting rain for a good harvest and told his wife that there might be good rain.

a letter to god summary

His wife, who was preparing supper, Said Yes, if God will  and called their sons to eat dinner. Lencho has older and younger sons, Older Sons work in the field and younger sons play around the home. Everyone sat to eat then the rain started. Lencho came outside to see that the clouds were getting dark and big drops of rain began to fall  as Lencho predicted.

He was very glad to see the drops of rain. He was comparing a big drop of rain with 10 cent pieces and a little one with Five cent pieces but suddenly strong wind began to blow and silver coins began to fall which is actually the Hailstone and continued to fall for an hour  which is not good for harvest and the field was Become  White as if covered with Salt.

Lencho stood up in the middle of the field and said to his sons that Locus did not spoil as much as these hailstones did and left nothing for us because His corn crops were spoiled. He had strong belief in God and decided to write a letter to god and ask him to provide money to survive. He Wrote a Letter with the Address to God , He Wrote a Letter In which he detailed the story how his Crops were wasted and he and his family had no money to survive. 

a letter to god pdf

So He ask God to help him in hard times and demanded a hundred pesos to sow his new crops again and to live until his new crops grew. His letter reached the post office and an employee of the post office showed this letter.  The postmaster, who was fat and friendly, laughed and after a while he got serious and thought why did lencho write a letter to god and read the letter and said I wish I could believe in God  so much and thought to contribute himself from his salary and told his subordinates to contribute as charity but the postmaster could collect only Seventy Pesos.

He collected seventy pesos and sent it to the same address by signing God’s name to sustain that person’s belief in God. Lencho went to the post office and collected the mail without getting surprised  because he had believed that God would reply to him. He opened the mail and counted the money. He was surprised to find only Seventy Pesos whereas he demanded a hundred pesos. He again went to the Counter and took pen and paper to write another letter to god for remaining money and put this letter into the mailbox.

Postmaster took out the mail and read, In which Lencho mentions that God, I demanded a Hundred pesos but I got only seventy pesos. Please send me the remaining thirty pesos and do not send money by mail because the employees of the post office are thieves and  have stolen the money. The story of A letter to God ends here.

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Book Title             A letter to god
Language              English
Format                  PDF
Pages Count         15
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