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A house is not a home – It is a story of Teenage boy Zan who is also a narrator of the story and faced the challenges in his teenage years and overcame them and was faced by others. a house is not a home class 9 is the chapter of English in class 9.

Story begins when Zan is entering high school or Senior School, leaving his junior school and he was feeling strange in the new school because of not being familiar with the Teachers, students and school . when zan was leaving junior school his teachers make him understand that with the time he will be comfortable in high school and encourage him to meet new people and to participate in each and every activities in the school. This will help him to be comfortable in school and will not miss his old school.

a house is not a home

One day like any other day, Zan was doing his homework sitting on the Dining table and the weather was quite cold as compared to other days. A fire was being lit at the fireplace in the house and his favourite cat was lying on the papers and making a sound and his mother was lighting the fire so that fire could warm the home. Suddenly zan sees towards the ceiling of that room there was smoke spreading  throughout the house and he sees nothing.

He runs towards the front gate and reaches the garden then goes to the neighbour’s house  and calls the Fire Brigade. When he comes back seeing his mother going inside the burning house and when his mother comes out from the house, there is a metallic box in her hands in which important documents are and she again goes inside the house and comes back taking the pictures and letters of her husband which were the only memories of him.

He calls out his mother and tries to go inside but A firefighter stops him tightly and does not allow him to go inside the burning  house and tells him to not worry firefighters will save his mother. They get busy extinguishing the fire after some time he realizes that his cat is not there and finds her here and there but  he fails to find his cat.

a house is not a home summary

Zan and his mother go to his grandparent’s house and spend that day at his grandparent’s house . Next day he does not want to go to school but, forced by her mother, he goes to the school by borrowing shoes from her aunty and feeling embarrassed reaching school because all students are in their uniform and with stuff but he does not have due to burning in the fire. He goes to see his burnt house after  back from school and sees the damage it causes.

He was living in a rented apartment near his old house because his burnt house was starting to be repaired and he used to visit his old house and remember his cat. The news of his burnt house spread rapidly in his school and everybody started giving attention to him.

Next day he goes to school, when Zan is getting ready for his gym class ,his gym mates come to him and tell him to come with them and reaching the gym class, he sees there are books, bags ,shoes, clothes and  other stationery items on the table and these are all for him only. Zan  is happy to see his new friends and thinks now it is going well.

a house is not a home class 9 summary

The whole incident has changed Zan and comes out from the negativity. His old house is repaired and he goes to see his repaired house with his two friends and he and his friend were deciding the structure of Zan’s room and A lady comes from back, who is holding  Zan’s Cat  and asks him, Is this yours?”Zan Looks behind and is happy to see his favourite cat and cries. His friends are also happy.

Narrator cat runs one mile far from his house and there was the narrator’s number written on the cat’s band but the mobile got burnt in fire and the lady was not able to reach him. Finally the lady managed to reach him with a lot of effort.

Zan is thankful for what he has in life and he is living happily. Gradually his sadness is over.

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Book Title             A house is not a home
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