In the kingdom of fools summary

in the kingdom of fools- It is a story of a Kingdom which is full of fools.  In this Kingdom all were Idiots  including the King and his Ministers and people of that City. One day The King thought about what he had done. so that people of his kingdom will remember him. Will people of his kingdom remember him after his death. 

He shared this thought to his ministers and his ministers advised him to change the day into night and night into day. The King liked the idea and passed an order to convert this idea into law. People of his kingdom were surprised to know about this law and follow his order due to fear of death.

in the kingdom of fools

One day A Guru and his disciple arrived there and were very much surprised to see nobody there in this beautiful city, whereas there were many homes there but there was no sound. When they entered the village, Going ahead they saw animals and people were sleeping as if it was night. They saw as the day ended, gradually people woke up and started working. 

Seeing all this, The guru told his disciple it is not the right place to stay because it is a place of  fools so we should eat food and  leave this place as soon as possible. Disciple agreed to his guru and went to purchase groceries for food and he saw, the price of everything was the same. This  amazed and delighted the two of them and they purchased a heavy quantity of food and cooked.

After having food ,Guru told his disciple to leave the place but the disciple refused to go, seeing the cheap rate of items and Guru made him understand saying that nothing can be expected of fools  but the disciple was not ready to go with guru. He started eating a lot due to the cheap rate of food and became very fat.

in the kingdom of fools summary

One day A thief goes inside a merchant’s home by breaking a wall to steal things but one part of the wall of the home fell down and the thief died. This news spreads throughout the village and the thief’s brother goes to the King  and requests justice for his brother’s death. The king was very sad to hear it.

The King calls that merchant and tells him because of yours one innocent person is died because the wall of your house in not of good quality so you are responsible for his death and you are sentenced to death but Merchant tells that I am not responsible for his death the person who built this house and the wall, is responsible for this. The King agreed and order to take the person to Court who had built his house.

The engineer who was an old man, comes and The king asks him about build the house and he admits but he also claims that he is not responsible for it, That girl who was going ups and down is the responsible because due his Anklet’s voice  i was not able to concentrate on work and weak wall was built.

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Now The king Calls that girl who is also an old lady, also refuses to be responsible for that and she passes on this allegation to the Goldsmith who had made her Jewellery and did not give those jewellery on time because of this i was going up and down and this engineer was not able to do work.

The Goldsmith passed on this allegation to the Merchant that he was making Merchant’s jewellery because he had a marriage of his daughters and want this jewellery on time. That is why I did not have time to complete her order and called her again and again.

The King orders to death to the Merchant but the person who had prepared the hanging noose was little big as compared to the neck of the accused and told this to the king and he ordered to find the person whose neck is fit to the noose and they finally found a person who is a disciple of the guru, who is now fat and fits in the hanging noose. At the time of death he remembered his guru and remembered the things he said about fools before leaving this village and guru came.

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He tells his disciple to repeat what he had whispered in his ear and tells the king to give him a sentence because he is his guru and tell the reason why they are fighting to die first because whoever dies first will be born as a King in the next birth .

In the Night, The King and ministers die hanging noose by disguising others as a Guru and disciple and guru saved his disciple and both of them are about to left so people of that village requested them to run the kingdom as a King and ministers and both of them agree after the efforts done by people of village.

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