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The fun they had summary is a fictional story, In which the author has written about the future of school and how school will operate after a long years and how children will study in 2157. Where robots will teach students instead of Teachers.

The Chapter tells about the major influence of computers in the future where students will study, not in the class but also sitting at home by the robot. Scholl will not exist in the future as now -a days. The Author has described this system through the main character of Margie who is an eleven years old girl.

the fun they had summary

The story starts on 17th May 2157 when Margie wrote in her diary that her brother Tommy found a real book today. Margie finds it weird because she does her study through e-book and virtually and she has not seen a book before this. No things like books exist in her era. Margie was surprised to see and remember her grandfather who once told her that he read only printed books.

Margie and tommy found the book’s pages were yellow because it was too old and they were amazed to see words stood still in the book because they studied online where E- text kept moving. Tommy calls this book useless because he likes to use his computer screen where he finds millions of books to read and need not to put in waste after reading once. Margie also agrees with him and asks him where did he get this book and what is this book about.

the fun they had class 9 pdf

Tommy replied I got it from the store and it is about school. Margie hates school and Mechanical Teacher her mother called a country inspector to check the machine due to getting less marks in geographic tests. Country inspector was repairing the machine and Margie did not want this problem to get fixed because she has to submit her test and homework by punch code which is computer language.

Inspector told her mother he has set the learning process according to a ten years old child and Margie was upset because she does not want to study by this machine. She remembers what Tommy has said about teachers before, there were no schools  at that time as we have.

A human teacher taught students in the school and Margie was surprised to hear it  and said how a human can be a teacher. Tommy Said at that time human teacher discussed the topics, asked the questions and gave homework to the students then Margie says how can human be so smart Tommy replied he can be because my father know as much as my mechanical teacher here Margie says that is all ok but i do not want a stranger to come my home to teach me.

the fun they had pdf

Tommy replies teachers did not go to student’s homes, rather students went to the building where they were taught by the teachers. Tommy gets irritated with Margie’s constant questions. Margie’s mother calls Margie for school but Margie tries to deny but her mother told Margie and tommy to attend the school. Margie expresses her willingness to read a book after the school.

Margie attended the school and machine asked her to submit her homework and she did and she think about the schools, teachers, method of teaching and helping students and there was a human teacher where her grandfather and great grandfather were studied then arithmetic calculations starts on computer screen but she did not pay attention towards calculation but she was busy in thinking this that her grandfather was very fortunate and what kind of fun they had in school where all teachers taught and students studied together and think of the fun they had.

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Book Title           The fun they had
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