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Dark horse book pdf by nilotpal mrinal is a novel written by young author Mr. Nilotpal Mrinal, which talks about the struggle of students who and belong to the small cities and villages who dreams to clear the Civil service exams. Dark Horse Book shares the story of Santosh and his friends who are preparing for the Civil service Exams in the Mukherjee Nagar Delhi which considered the toughest exam.

Nilotpal Mrinal basically belongs to the Bihar and he wrote this book is based on his experience, incident happened with him while preparing for exams. Dark Horse is the first book of Nilotpal Mrinal and has been awarded the India’s Sahitya Akademi Award in 2016 for his book Dark Horse which is the most popular novel of 21st Century.

dark horse book pdf 

Santosh is a boy residing in Bhagalpur with his family and after completing his Bachelor in Arts from TNB College Bhagalpur he decided to move Delhi for IAS preparation. His parents also supported Santosh and He then reached Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi by train. He called Rai Sahab up who was Post graduate in arts and had also been preparing for IAS there for Three years. Santosh met Rai Sahab in the wedding some time ago and Rai sahab introduces Santosh to his friends named Manohar, Javed, Guru and Madhu  rakshi who are senior to him.

They reside in10x10 room of Mukherjee Nagar Delhi and all routine activities are done there. He then joined the Coaching Institute for Preparation and  chose the subjects as the Institute’s Receptionist suggested to him and he started studying. They sometimes go outside for dinner where they discuss Global GDP and other Political Issues.

He started liking Vidisha  who is also a student of the same institute he then met Payal who is friend and room partner of Vidisha. at the birthday party of Rai sahab Payal and Vidisha also joined the party and Javed  khan also visited there

UPSC Pre Exams form  dates are declared  and everybody  devoted to their studies and  everybody took exams well after some time  UPSC Exams Result out and Guru cleared the pre and started studying for Mains while Santosh, Manohar and Rai sahab failed in Pre. Santosh was very upset about failing in UPSC Pre later while having conversation with Guru, he suggested Santosh to change his subjects for next attempt. He then chose Hindi and Sociology as his subjects and began to study hard.

Dark horse book pdf by nilotpal mrinal

Guru once again failed in the IAS interview when the final result came out while Bimlendu, a close friend of Guru had been selected for IAS. Hearing this news, Cabinet Minister Tej Narayan Yadav visited Bimlendu’s house to meet his father Bholanath for the marriage of his daughter with Bimlendu. His father also accepted this proposal but Bholanath was shocked when Bimlendu was married to girl who was his co-trainee and met in Mussoorie during his training.

One day Raisahab was arrested by police to investigate about a man who ran with his cook and had friendship with Raisahab and police released Raisahab after investigations. Here Javed Khan’s mother was very critical suddenly. Guru and Manohar gave him money to purchase a ticket but his mother died before he reached his village.

After the funeral of his mother, he reached the house and got news to be selected in Bihar Public Service Commission. UPSC’s Prelims was out for next year’s Guru dropped UPSC prelims this year and waited for next year to appear in exam but Santosh and other two  appeared in exam but did not pass the Pre. This was the last attempt of Rai sahab for prelims and it was very difficult for Raisahab to leave Delhi without achieving the goal and return to his town. Everybody was sad at this time.

dark horse book pdf free download

Later Santosh’ father called him back to his village but Santosh postponed. Vidisha also left Delhi as her father fixed her marriage with an engineer. Another prelims exam out Guru was assured about his success in pre because he had cleared the prelims two times before but not succeed in Interview  but did not succeed in pre this time, Manohar was also failed in it then he went to the Santosh’ room, Santosh was not there came back thinking he would also failed in exam.

one day when IAS final result out and manohar got shocked to see the name of Santosh on the list of institute who cleared the IAS exam and he informed to the Guru about Santosh success in IAS. Later Santosh met the guru and Manohar and told the story of leaving them and preparing to become an IAS and apologized for that.  in the story of Dark Horse book, Santosh was the Dark horse.

After six years, Manohar is now a big businessman of Cement of Motihari and Guru is a national spokesperson of the nation. He remembered once what guru had said that life gives many ways to a person, it is necessary to choose one path to walk and never stop and  you might become that dark horse.

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Book Title Dark Horse – Ek Ankahee Dastan
Author  Nilotpal Mrinal
Publisher eHindYugam
Language  Hindi
Pages Count 100
File Type  PDF
File Size 1319 KB

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