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chetan bhagat 400 days pdf is a Thriller based novel Written by Famous author Chetan Bhagat, after writing many books in Romance Genre Chetan has moved to his writing towards Thriller, suspense based book from Girl in Room no 105 followed by One Arranged Murder and now 400 days and It is his overall Thirteenth book and ninth in novels.

The 400 days is the series with the same Character Saurabh and Keshav, who own the detective agency and  who were in the last two novels also. The Series started with Girl in Room no 105 and followed by One Arranged Murder. This  book is about the little girl named Siya who is missing.

 400 days pdf

The Story Starts where Saurabh and Keshav are living with Keshav’s family and preparing for IPS. One day his parents call  Keshav to meet a woman named Alia Arora whose twelve year old  daughter named Siya is kidnapped nine months before and she asks Keshav to handle this case and find Siya who has been missing for nine months.

Here Alia narrates the story of the past nine months. She tells Keshav that she is married to Rich man Manish who is in a business of jewellery and before coming to this society they lived with Manish’s parents in their ancestral house. Alia Tells that Her mother-in-law does not like her because she and Manish were married going against her mother’s wish but Manish’s mother threatens Alia and Manish and Alia leave that house and come to live Icon Society

One Day Manish and his brother come to his parents home along with his family and suddenly Siya gets missed in the night when the children were sleeping. Next day, Siya was not found in the home and everybody is asked then Suhana tells that she saw a bad man in the night who has a knife in his hand and took Siya along with him.

400 days chetan bhagat pdf

Even after many efforts the Police were not able to find Siya. After  two months missing from Siya, Alia got an Amazon packet in which she got Siya’s clothes with the stain of blood and hair that makes everybody believe that she is dead but Alia does not give up and Alia asked Keshav to investigate this matter and Keshav and Saurabh are able to get the siya’s phone data which reveals many shocking facts.

Alia asked Keshav to investigate this matter and Keshav and Saurabh are able to get the siya’s phone data Taking in believe Suhana, Keshav While traveling to kocchi with Alia, he asked suhana about that night because she is the only witness, she tells that man wore many bands in his wrist and have a tattoo on his forearm and smelling likes working in kitchen and his hair were so oily and it was shining.

Keshav further finds out that siya used to operate Telegram where she was in touch with a person named Roy and he created a fake social media account on Instagram and tried to trap Roy by setting up a meeting to meet Roy at the restaurant but Roy escaped.

chetan bhagat 400 days pdf

After one year of missing Siya, on her birthday,the family celebrates birthday and arranges the pooja for her and Shashtri is invited to perform pooja. Keshav identifies many bands in shastri hand and a tattoo on his forearm, having oily hair as Suhana told him and fix the GPS in Shastri’s çar and track the car location where it travels daily at the sugar factory and follows with the help of Saurabh and Inspector Viren.

All reach there and Shastri gets to know and attacks Keshav but is saved by inspector Viren. Where Siya was hidden in a room by Shastri and saved her. This was a pre-plan when shastri met Alia and he wanted to marry her but it could not be possible Manish married to Alia and he planned to execute his plan with Alia’s daughter SIya and kidnapped her. Siya’s family give the announced prize money to Keshav. One day Siya calls Keshav to Say thanks to save her. 

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Book Title  400 days chetan bhagat pdf
Author   Chetan Bhagat
Publisher  Westland
Language   English
Pages Count  352
File Type  PDF
File size  2 MB

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