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12th fail book pdf-12th Fail is a motivational book written by Anurag Pathak and this book is  based on the True story of IPS Manoj Sharma, who is the hero of this story and the writer of this book, Anurag Pathak is a friend of Manoj Sharma. This book is about his journey from 12th fail to becoming an IPS.

The Twelfth Fail book is the journey of IPS Manoj Sharma who failed in 12th Class but never gave up and made efforts continuously towards achieving the goal, becoming an IPS despite facing many hurdles and Challenges in his life. Before becoming an IPS, he did various jobs like Tempo Driver, the library and flour mill and struggling to earn money

12th fail book pdf

The story starts, small village of Morena District in Madhya Pradesh where he lived with his family and he was studying in Class 12th and his father was in agriculture Department but got suspended and family was struggling with lack of money. The culture of passing the exam was cheating in exams there. But appearing in the Math Exam, SDM Dushyant Singh examined the Exam Centre and stayed there. Entire class was unable to cheat, the resulting most of the students of Class as well as Manoj failed in Class 12th. 

Later he met SDM of the District in the cricket match and praised his commentary One of his friends Rakesh who is not literate but always motivated him. After failing in 12th,he met Dushyant Singh at the police station and gave him a proposal to do commentary in a Match.

Seeing his power and Influence by SDM, He decided to become an IPS officer and moved to Gwalior for further Studies and took Admission in MLB College to do B.A. Then moved to Delhi and started preparation for UPSC. Where he met Shraddha at the Coaching Institute of Mukherjee Nagar, who was also preparing for UPSC and done PHD later she went for her Internship and coming back to do preparation of UPSC.

He started living in Pili Kothi with Pandey and one of the persons there named Abhinash cleared the UPSC mains and Manoj Faced problems during UPSC preparation as he was not good at English and was a Hindi Medium student.

12th fail manoj sharma book pdf free download

Manoj failed in three attempts and cleared UPSC in fourth attempt and became an IPS officer when result was out he was so happy and decided to meet Pandey and pay gratefulness to him because Pandey was person who helped him in bad days and and gave Currently he is commissioner in Mumbai and Shraddha also became an IPS and Married to Manoj Sharma.

There are many interviews available on YouTube related to incidents that happened while preparing for Exams and his Interviews. During his journey he met many people, Some of them discouraged him and some motivated him to go ahead. One of his Childhood friends Rakesh who always motivated him to do.

During his journey he met many people, some of them discouraged him and some motivated him to go ahead. One of his Childhood friends Rakesh who always motivated him to do and Vishnu and others demotivated him but by becoming an IPS , he has proved the quote mentioned on his book that “Hara Wahi jo Lada Nahi”.

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Book Title  12th Fail/Twelfth Fail
Author   Anurag Pathak
Publishers  Neolit Publication
Language   Hindi/English
Pages Count  175
File Type  PDF
File Size  2 MB

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