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It Starts With Us PDF – It is a novel in Romantic Genre which is written by Colleen Hoover. This novel is a second part of her last written book It ends with us . The novel tells the story before It ends with us and in this sequel Colleen Hoover told the story from the side of Atlas who is the first love of Lily and will tell the story through the Atlas how it ends with us and this is what next is coming in the upcoming sequel of Novel. It ends with us Volume-1 is the bestselling novel in crime, Thriller and Mystery.

Colleen Hoover is the New York times bestselling author and known for her writing different kinds of books in various genres over twenty three books including It Ends with us, Heart Bones, Varity and regretting and many more. She lives in Texas and is the co-founder of Non-Profit The Bookworm Box, a bookstore and monthly book subscription service.

It Starts With Us PDF

In the Previous Volume Colleen Hoover told the story of young anticipated Girl Lily who belongs to the Small town and comes to the city. as the novel has a line that the Ones you love most hurts you the most. 

This is what happened with Lily but it did not work for her and did not stop her working so hard in her life so she completed her graduation from college and moved to Boston to start a new business there. Where she met Ryle Kincaid The Neurosurgeon and she felt everything around her is so good but Ryle is obstinate and arrogant sometimes and he was Brilliant as well 

It Starts With Us PDF Download

But in his heart there was a place for lily and was not able to get lily out of his mind. As her relationship with Ryle overwhelms her and Her first love Atlas reappears who was her first love and left him behind. Altas was  kind to her and protective of her. Here whatever she built with Ryle is now in danger due to the sudden appearance of Atlas.

Above is the short glimpse of previous volume -1 of It ends with us and next volume will contain the story from when it starts with us and the further story will be from the point of view of Atlas who was the first love and Lily left him behind and has built a new relation with Ryle Kincaid.

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Book Title It starts with us Book
Author  Colleen Hoover
Publishers Simon & Schuster
Language  English
Pages Count 352
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB

it starts with us colleen hoover was released on 18 October 2022 in English language and the readers who eagerly waiting for this novel can book your order or read online by clicking on link given below so users can read book online or can place order by clicking on the given link.

It Starts With Us Book PDF Free Download
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