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Love on the brain pdf is a romance novel written by Ali Hazelwood  who is best selling author of The Love Hypothesis and from the New york Times best selling Author of The Love Hypothesis and author comes with the new Steminist Rom-com. It is a New released novel A scientist is compulsively working on a project with her nemesis.

Love on the brain novel in which the story of Two People named Bee Konigswasser and Levi. Levi is Tall dark and attractive in looks but he has clear feeling towards the Bee from grad school archenemies work best employed in their own galaxies far, but the problem starts ,when the equipment of Bee begin to miss and the staffs ignore her .

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She sees Levi to soften into the fellow and seconding her ideas but when it comes to  make a decision and put her heart in the right place at that time, only one question arises what will Bee Konigswasse will do for her.

About the Author: Author of this most awaited novel is basically from Italy but lived in Germany and Japan as well before moving to U.S to pursue her degree in Doctorate in neuroscience and became the professor but Ali Hazelwood isa author of multi – published articles and she loves to eat cake pops , watch scientific movie and running when she is not at work.

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Book Title   Love on the Brain pdf book
Author   Ali Hazelwood
Publisher   Sphere
Language   English
Pages Count   368
File Type   PDF
 Released Date   23 Aug 2022

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