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Dear stranger you deserve to be loved pdf : In this book we will take a glance at a book written by Ashish Bagrecha which is about of the Family and relationships and self love. In this book, realization of self help, loving yourself and Building lasting relationships are discussed in detail.

The Book has been drafted in three major steps in which thirty days are and contents of each step has discussed its characteristics thoroughly. It tells about the life which starts with the love yourself passing through the building and maintaining long lasting relationships and ends to the learning and meaningful life which says every stranger deserved to be loved.

Contents the Author of dear stranger you deserve to be loved pdf by ashish bagrecha

Loving Yourself

  • Day1: Self-Love : Is it Selfish or Selfless?
  • Day2: Self- Awareness
  • Day3: Accept & Appreciate Yourself
  • Day4: Improving Yourself
  • Day5: Forgive Yourself
  • Day6: Healing from The Past
  • Day7: Creating a Loving Environment Around You
  • Day8: Blocking negative Energy & People
  • Day9: Deciding Your Terms of Happiness
  • Day10: Fulfilling Goals, Dreams & Purpose
  • Day11: Trusting The Universe and Being Patient
  • Day12: Gratitude

Building Lasting Relationships

  • Day13: Knowing the Right Partner
  • Day14: Knowing When You Are in Love
  • Day15: Dealing The Rejection
  • Day16: Sustaining a Relationship
  • Day17: To Expect or Not to Expect?
  • Day18: The Red Flags
  • Day19: Embracing Heartbreak
  • Day20: Getting Out of Toxic Relationships
  • Day21: Dealing With Friends and Family
  • Day22: To Marry, or To Not Marry?
  • Day23: Growing Together

Living a Meaningful Life

  • Day24: Believing in The God
  • Day25: Your Actions Matter
  • Day26: Kindness, Compassion and Empathy
  • Day27: Give More, Do More
  • Day28: Listen More, Judge More
  • Day29: Make a Real Difference
  • Day30: Keep Learning, Keep Growing

About the Author:

Ashish Bagrecha Belongs to Surat and holds a Degree of MBA in Marketing He is married to the Savi Shama is the author of bestselling book of Everyone has story which is an inspirational story of dreams and who is an Author as well as famous on social media. Before starting his career in writing, He has started writing Shayri and  posted those Shayri on Instagram and has Massive fan following on Instagram.

His book Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel is the bestselling book of the year which is published in 2020 and he has published the Poet book of him named Love, Hope and Magic in the same year. In 2022 He is again ready to mesmerize the Book lovers with his new Book Dear Stranger You Deserved To Be Loved.

Related Details of dear stranger you deserve to be loved pdf by ashish bagrecha

Book Title   Dear Stranger You Deserve to be Loved
Author       Ashish Bagrecha
Publisher   Harper Collins India
Language    English
Size  506 KB
Pages Count  264

dear stranger you deserve to be loved pdf by ashish bagrecha is available in English language and the PDF Downloading link of the book is given below to read book online and to order the book, Order link of the book is given below to so users can place your order for the book by clicking on the given link.

Dear Stranger You Deserve to be Loved PDF Download

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