Friendship Bites PDF

Friendship Bites PDF By Aslam RahamanIn this article we are going to share with you an upcoming book named Friendship Bites  which is A Young Adult romance about love and friendship written by author Aslam Rahaman and this Young Adult romance novel is going to be released on 10 July 2023 in all readable formats for readers.

This novel is about the Witness, the perfect cocktail of friendship, love, passion, jealousy and revenge in this thrilling story. Because, sometimes, Friendship Bites! And in this story these all situations are being faced by a boy called Aryan.

Friendship Bites PDF

The story of this novel revolves around in three of these characters named Aryan, Javed and Ananya in which Aryan who is struggling with the situation come across and Ananya who is the Girl friend of him and Javed who is the best friend.

Aryan is a toiled boy who has given his best to become the best performer of the company but his future comes in danger when on one ominous morning he reaches office and is geared up for “the” good news.   

Friendship Bites Aslam Rahaman PDF

But instead of getting good news he got bad news as he was summoned by the nearby Police station. He landed in a mess. Instead of becoming a top performer of the company he got into this trouble because of his stubborn attitude and this attitude has put in trouble during  his college too.

He was excellent in everything but the cost paid by him for this was too high and he was ditched by his love whose name is Ananya and his friendship with javed is getting suffered due to it.

Friendship Bites Aslam Rahaman Book PDF

But the question arises did Ananya and Javed deceived him or is it all because of his own faults or his obstinate nature. Here the police are following him, Politicians are making pressure on him and most important his colleagues are cutting off all communications with him.

His one mistake took him into jail directly and He will lost everything and it will ruin his life he has done till now. Only a miracle can save Aryan. Witness the perfect cocktail of friendship, love, passion, jealousy and revenge in this thrilling story. Because, sometimes, Friendship Bites!

Related Details of Friendship Bites Book PDF

Book Title Friendship Bites
Author  Aslam Rahaman
Publishers Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Language  English
Pages Count 176
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 10 July 2023

Friendship Bites Aslam Rahaman PDF is available in English language and readers want to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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