Role Playing Cathy Yardle PDF

Role Playing Cathy Yardle PDF– In this article we are going to share with you an upcoming romance book named Role Playing which is about two middle aged people Bogwitch and Otter who are online gamers and play online games. 

This amazing story is written by Author Cathy Yardle and her latest romance novel is going to be available on  July 1, 2023 for readers in all readable formats. In this novel readers will find the different story of middle aged people and their romance.

Role Playing Cathy Yardle PDF

In this book, Maggie who is forty eight years old woman who likes to live alone and has a college aged son and he makes deal with her he’ll be more social if she does the same and she agrees to do what her son says and join the online gaming guild which is led by the person named Otter who is a friendly healer. So that nobody gets the wrong idea, she calls herself Bogwitch.

From this side, Otter who is a fifty year old man who is optimistic and using the guild as an emotional outlet to caring for his mother who is aging meanwhile his brother plays house with Aiden’s ex-fiancée. On the other side Maggie who was not overcome from her last relationship with her husband and became impenitent and bad-tempered.

Role Playing By Cathy Yardle PDF

They both become friends virtually soon but there is a twist and both think some thing different about each other Bogwitch thinks Otter is a college student. Otter assumes Bogwitch is an octogenarian.

The day comes when both meet each other face to face and  the unlikely pair of sunshine and stormy personalities grow tentatively closer and The previous relationships of Maggie with her husband left her in harsh and Aiden also has a past which is a complicated one too.

Role Playing PDF By Cathy Yardle

Cathy Yardley is an award-winning author of romance, chick lit, and urban fantasy, who has sold over 1.2 million copies of books for publishers like St. Martin’s, Avon, and Harlequin.

She likes writing about quirky, crazy adventures, because she’s had plenty of her own and Now, she spends her time writing in the wilds of East Seattle. Role Playing book is her latest book going to be released in July.

Related Details of Role Playing Cathy Yardle Book PDF

Book Title Role Playing
Author  Cathy Yardle
Publishers Montlake
Language  English
Pages Count 331
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 1 July 2023

Role Playing book by Cathy Yardle is available in English language and readers want to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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