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Why I am an Atheist pdf– This belongs to Bhagat singh written by himself while staying in jail. these are selective writing of him. It was an Article and it was written by Shaheed Bhagat Singh while staying in Lahore jail later it was published in a newspaper named The People on 27th September 1931 after the death of Bhagat Singh. 

Shaheed Bhagat had written article after the comment of his co- freedom fighter Randheer Singh in Lahore Jail in 1931 that Bhagat  became an arrogant  after getting famous among the people Randheer said this when  he had come to know that Bhagat Singh has no faith in the existence of God so he tried to make him believe but did not succeed.

Why I am an Atheist

it was one of the famous articles of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his essay was also translated into Tamil language and published. It is said that the copy of his article in English version was not found then his Tamil version was re- translated into English and published . Many website owners carry the re-translated copy on their websites.

These letters written by him were the answers for the people who thought that he became  atheist because of his popularity among the people. He wrote that I have no belief in the existence of God not because of my ego but because of my knowledge towards the existence of God. he put some questions over the existence and belief of God in the world. 

why i am an atheist and other works

If there is a god in this world, where is he? Why is he not saving people from the troubles created by the British. Why is there so much poverty here? Why are people dying like this? He further mentions people say that God is bound to the rules and regulations, he again argues if God is bound to the rules then how can you believe there is God.

There is no God it is the imagination created by the people to save themselves from the questions. because they have no valid answer to it. Different Religions are created by people of different religion according to their convenience

He further wrote, he described the situations of the Villagers and people living in poverty as teasing by the British. Having belief in God can give people motivation to deal with the situations but Atheists have to have belief in themselves and deal with it. As an atheist I am satisfied enough with what I did for my country and wanted to do for my country. This sacrifice of mine for my country makes people motivated to fight for themselves and their countries.

why i am an atheist pdf download

He wrote that friends of mine who spent time with me say that I argue with people and try to impose my decision on them because I am an atheist, here he says I argue because I have knowledge of  those things and have facts to prove that. This can happen only because of Education because it makes us capable of thinking things in the right way and with facts. 

Education opens the doors of Brain and makes people think with an open mind. Lack of education make people feel weak, inferior and slave. I will die by hanging without thinking about next life and last life but my sacrifice is necessary for the independence of my country and this is the truth of life. Bhagat Singh was hanged on 23March 1931 at the Lahore Jail and these letters were written during the period of sentence.

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Book Title  Why i am an Atheist and other works
Author  Bhagat Singh
Language Hindi and English
Pages Count 10
File Type PDF
Size 217KB

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