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ramcharitmanas  is an Epic written by Goswami Tulsidas in the 16th century. In which he described the life and personality of Lord Ram by writing Doha, Chaupais, Sortha and Chand and showed Lord Ram as Maryada Purshottam who is originally the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.Ramcharitmanas teaches others to live life with principles and rules like Rama lived.

It had been originally written in Awadhi language with many Dohas, Chaupais and it is translated in other languages as well. Tulsidas’s ramcharitmanas in pdf is considered the greatest work of Hindu Literature written in Awadhi language and it is also called the Tulsi Ramayan. 

Contents of ramcharitmanas in pdf

Ramcharitmanas has been segregated into Seven descents in which related stories are described.

  • Balkanda
  • Ayodhya Kanda
  • Aranya Kanda
  • Kiskindha Kanda
  • Sundara Kanda
  • Lanka Kanda
  • Uttara Kanda

It is supposed that Ramcharitmanas is based on Valmiki’s Ramayana but both poets had described Lord Rama in different ways in different Yug. Ramayana was written in Treta Yug while Ramcharitmanas in Kalyug .

the Recitation of Sundara Kanda, which is one of seven descent of Ramcharitmanas is done on Tuesday and Saturday by devotees  for Hanuman. who was the supreme devotee of Lord Rama. in this Kanda, the story of Lord Hanuman and his work done for Lord Rama is mentioned.

Related Details of ram charit manas in hindi

Book Title              Sri Ram Charita Manasa
Written By             Goswami Tulsidas
Publisher               Geeta Press
Language               Hindi & English
Pages Count            1119
 Size                          5 MB
Format                    PDF

It gives eternal peace to reader while reading that tells people how one can survive in  his life with or without materialistic things while walking on the path of principles and rules as Lord Rama did, while living in Ayodhya and obeying his mother’s order and leave  the Ayodhya for exile.

ramcharitmanas in hindi  is available in Hindi and English language and the download link of Ramcharit Manas is given below so users can download PDF by clicking on the link

Ram charit manas pdf

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