Caste Pride by Manoj Mitta PDF

Caste Pride by Manoj Mitta PDF – Caste pride book is a new book which talks about the caste and differences between them related to casteism and their battle against it. In this article we will discuss the recently released book named caste pride which is an amazing book and hits the social issue related to casteism.

This book was released on 24 April 2023 and available online in English language and In Kindle Edition and Hardcover Format for the readers. The social hitting book consists of 624 pages and discusses the reason behind this and the battle against the issue in Hindu India.

Caste Pride by Manoj Mitta PDF

Caste pride pdf is penned by Manoj Mitta who is Journalist by Profession and has already written two books which are critically acclaimed books.

He has examined violence’s in the Hindu from the lens of laws Manoj Mitta examines the endurance and violence of the Hindu caste system through the lens of the law which is based on previous unseen legislative and judicial record examined by him.

caste pride pdf

Caste pride pdf by manoj mitta tells about the condition of people when he finds this by linking two centuries legal reform with the social movement  run by the people and discovering the facts related to it.  

The book is designed in five important steps in which readers will get to know how and where It started and what the rules and restrictions were imposed on the low caste people for their living style, Dress up where to walk and enter the temple whether their actions, innocent or criminal, would attract punishment or impunity.


There are many legal  milestones in the battles against caste and win over it where Many verdicts were changed or altered and get win over it who fought these battles for low caste People 

Related details of caste pride by manoj mitta book pdf

Book Title Caste Pride
Author  Manoj Mitta
Publishers Context
Language  English
Pages Count 624
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 24 April 2023

Caste Pride Battles for Equality in Hindu India PDF is available in English language and the PDF Downloading and Free Audiobook link of the book is given below to read and listen to the book online so users can read and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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