Call the Canaries Home Laura Barrow PDF

Call the Canaries Home Laura Barrow PDF- In this new article, we are going to share with you a new and upcoming novel in the Fiction category with family drama which is going to be available for reading on the 1 July 2023 and available online in all readable formats for the readers.

This new family drama novel is penned by Author Laura Barrow and it is her debut novel which will definitely be entertaining for readers with its storyline. In this article readers will get an overview of the story so that they could have an idea about the story.

Call the Canaries Home Laura Barrow PDF

The novel is about Three estranged sisters who reconnect with each other in Louisiana which is their hometown after twenty eight years to face the unsolved past of them.

In the childhood when Savannah who was four years old and her twin sister named Georgia who went missing in the small hometown named Louisiana and she took her elder sister Rayanne and Sue Ellen in to belief find the same capsule they hid in the backyard of their house as a children.

Call the Canaries Home By Laura Barrow PDF

But they hit on the photograph that was taken on the day when Georgia went missing and notices the lady in the back of the picture she is familiar with but Sue Ellen and Rayanne want to move on in their lives and not look into this but Savannah decided to discover that woman who is in picture or even clue of the past.

Three of the sisters resurface the memories, rivalries and reconsider what they knew and thought about each other on that day. On their search to uncover what happened to Georgia, each of them will discover what Meemaw has known all along.

Call the Canaries Home PDF By Laura Barrow

Laura Barrow is a former teacher and a lover of books. She received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Centenary College in northwest Louisiana, where she grew up and the novel Call the Canaries home is her first and debut novel.

Laura has showcased the story of three estranged sisters who went on searching the sister who was disappeared and to solve the secret of their pasts with their grandmother in such as way so readers could relate with the characters and story.

Related Details of Call the Canaries Home Laura Barrow Book PDF

Book Title Call the Canaries Home
Author  Laura Barrow
Publishers Lake Union Publishing
Language  English
Pages Count 303
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 1 July 2023

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