A History of Burning PDF

A History of Burning PDF Book  By Janika OzaIn this article we are going to share with you a new book named A history of Burning which is about a Four Generation, one family and divided nation of the Indo Uganda family. 

This new Contemporary fiction novel is going to be available for reading online 23 June 2023 in Paperback format and The Kindle Edition of the book is already available online for the readers.

A History of Burning PDF

This new haunting and  symphonic book is written by the author Janika Oza who is the winner of the 2022 O. Henry Prize for Short Fiction, and the 2020 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Award and Essays and stories written by her are published in many publications.

In this book, The story follows the family of Pirbhai whose four generations displaced, settled and displaced again. Pirbhai was thirteen years old and the oldest one among his siblings and when he was taken to across the sea to Uganda, east Africa and Britain in the promise of work. 

A History of Burning PDF Book By Janika Oza

During the search of work, He meets with Sonal and is married to each other as their family expands in the white washed city of Kampala and his three granddaughters named Latika, Kiya and Mayuri come in the divided nation.  

But Now Pirbhai, with Sonal along with their Children Vinod and Rajni and granddaughters are forced to leave Idi Amin and the family living together once, now they are diffused across the world to search for a home.

A History of Burning PDF Janika Oza

The Memories, their favourite Rolling Pin and a handful of photos along with the languages of the home they take with them and the secrets of their past and present, One of which, when it comes out, will reveal the true cost of what gets left behind.

In her debut novel, Janika Oza has beautifully exhibited the picture of a family who are in search of a home where they could live together with love and happiness. She showcased their survival or inheritance after every time they are displaced and shows how a family when they are together always try to step forwards towards rise from ashes.

Related Details of A History of Burning Book PDF

Book Title A History of Burning
Author  Janika Oza
Publishers Chatto & Windus
Language  English
Pages Count 400
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 23 June 2023

A History of Burning Janika Oza PDF is available in English language and readers want to buy the book ,can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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