A Girl to Remember PDF by Ajay k Pandey

A Girl to Remember PDF by Ajay k Pandey : A novel named A girl to remember pdf is a contemporary romance novel. The story is about a girl named Pihu who is an innocent girl and crazy for her math teacher named Neel. She thinks that there is a day when an angel will come into her life and will become her most beautiful life ever. Meanwhile, he is selfish and lives only for himself.

A girl to remember book is written by ajay k pandey who is the author of the best selling book You are the best wife which was His first debut novel, is based on his life events which soon became a best selling book after its release.

A girl to remember pdf by ajay k pandey

Anu, a widow woman is the Mother of Pihu, is the charming and attractive lady and working as a Nurse in a Hospital to survive with her daughter. Neel is the selfish person and slave to his desire. He is  math teacher in the posh urban private coeducation where Pihu studies as well. Neel who wants to get rich and to get rich has his eyes on the new landlady Anu who is Eleven years older to Neel.

Pihu, who is a seventeen years old girl, studies in the same school and is crazy for him. She offers him to stay at her house as a tenant after he was ordered to leave staff quarters after having allegations of critical issues from his student Ananya and left job as well.

A girl to remember summary

To be rich and Anu’s attractive looks ,Neel made a plan to trap Anu, as she is the owner of the property and he uses Pihu as the step to reach Anu as he was least bothered about the feelings of Pihu and Anu’s Emotion. Pihu has certain beliefs about Neel, He is that person (an Angel) she is waiting for and he has arrived in her life to sort out everything’s. Meanwhile Neel irritated with the Pihu’s obsession for him. Anu has permitted Neel to stay in her house despite knowing everything that happened in the past.

Will Pihu be able to make any changes in the person she thinks , who is an angel. It is the story full of roller coaster with the deep emotions where the confession is the punishment. readers will get emotional and heart touched experience while reading this book.

About the Author of a girl to remember pdf 

Ajay k Pandey is an Indian Author who generally writes romance books. He wrote his first novel named you are the best wife in 2015 which got immense popularity and continues writing with the following novels like her last wish, you are the best friends and more.

Ajay belongs to the Uttar Pradesh and along with writing, He also works as an Engineer in the Pune Based IT company named Cognizant. He parallelly active in both field. Before adopting IT field as an Engineer, he grew up with the dream of becoming teacher.

Related details of a girl to remember book pdf

Book Title A Girl to Remember PDF
Author  Ajay k Pandey
Publishers Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Language  English
Pages Count 167
File Type PDF
File Size 681 KB

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