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Hind Swaraj PDF is a book written by Mahatma Gandhi in 1909 and also known by the name of Indian Home Rule. Gandhi ji had written his opinion on Swaraj and modern civilization in this book. Book is written while traveling by Gandhi ji from England to South Africa and the book was banned by the British Government in India in1910 and is one of the most controversial books.

Hind Swaraj was first published in Indian opinion Newspaper and originally written in native language and first published in 1909 then translated into English and published in 1912 and also translated in French.In September 1938, Philosophical Magazine The Aryan path had published a symposium on Hind Swaraj and the book is known for the criticism against  modern and western civilizations and Education and book is in Dialogic form between Editor and reader.

hind swaraj

Contents Preface to the hind swaraj was written by

  1. The Congress and its Officials 
  2. The Partition of Bengal 
  3. Discontent and Unrest
  4. What is Swaraj? 
  5. The Condition of England 
  6. Civilization 
  7. Why Was India Lost?
  8. The Condition of India
  9. The Condition of India (continued): Railways
  10. The Condition of India (continued): The Hindus and the Mahomedans 
  11. The Condition of India (continued): Lawyers 
  12. The Condition of India (continued): Doctors 
  13. What is True Civilization? 
  14. How Can India Become Free? 
  15. Italy and India 
  16. Brute Force
  17. Passive Resistance 
  18. Education 
  19. Machinery 
  20. Conclusion Appendices
  21. Some Authorities 
  22. Testimonies by Eminent Men 
  • J. Seymour Keay, M. P., Victor Cousin
  •  Friedrich Max Muller, Frederick Von Schlegel 
  • Abbe J. A. Dubois, J. Young 
  • Colonel Thomas Munro, Sir William Wedderburn 

In this book Mahatma Gandhi criticized the western civilisation and nature and structures of Indian Swaraj and the means and methods to achieve it which we Indians belong to. Here he talked about the Indian National Congress, the party which spread awareness among the people and played an important role in uniting Bengal after the partition of 1905 while British were dividing people.

According to Editor, the problem with England is modern civilisation, the way British had made world its slave in order to little bit ahead in technology. He said that Modern civilization is the enemy of Indians because English men brought modern civilisation into India and Indians are also somewhere responsible for it because Indians are following modern civilization by leaving their own identity, culture and civilization.

The Modern Railway which was brought by the British into India is a dangerous tool because they are using and exploiting Indian resources and farmers had to sell their farm for it because before coming this modern railway people of villages were very self sufficiently happy and it forced village people to be slave.

Hind Swaraj PDF

Further he said that Hindus and Muslim also became victim of English’s divide and rule strategy while they lived together before. India has been a religiously diverse country for decades so why and what are the reasons for fighting in the name of religion while both are part of the nation.

According to MK Gandhi Doctors and Lawyers, who are responsible for ruining India because lawyers are the people who raise up quarrels and Doctors only raise diseases without giving any cure. Indian Ayurveda has been advanced and it eliminates the diseases from root but in modern civilization doctor takes place.

Indians culture is simple and Indians have always been living their life with simplicity before the English arrived. India also has a few demerits like child marriage and animal sacrifices. but we had simplicity in living life leaving few demerits.

hind swaraj pdf in hindi

Swaraj means to achieve freedom and civilization and simplicity is the essence of university. He said Western Education teaches students only facts, not the reason and framework behind it. Indians should emphasize on Moral education. He said about Central idea that Indians will not become truly independent only overthrowing the British ,they should believe in themselves and take pride in their culture and civilization.

Swaraj will  be established only with the corporations of Indians and refusing to cooperate with the British will collapse within a year. Here Gandhiji said that  British rule was  established and survived with the corporation of Indians itself. So the Central idea in Hind Swaraj was to attack western civilization, the modern  education system  and materialistic things that valued the acquisition of material wealth at the expense of morality.

Related Details of hind swaraj book

Book Title Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule
Author  Mahatma Gandhi
Publishers Navjivan Publishing House
Language  Gujrati/English
Pages Count 96
File Type PDF
File Size 700KB

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