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You can win pdf is a motivational book written by Shiv Khera which talks about nothing is impossible in the world. You can win if you have determination to win because there is no difference between winner and loser. Both are the same but they find a different way to do it that others can not. Shiv Khera also mentioned that Winners do not do different things. They do things differently.

This book shares how people can achieve personal growth by being positive in life. The winners have some traits and qualities which help in achieving success in life. Person should have these qualities to follow in life. This book You can win is divided into eight chapters, which is described in detail. A step by step tool is provided for achievers which helps in establishing new goals, developing a new sense of purpose and generating new ideas to achieve success in life.

shiv khera you can win

 Here shiv khera shares qualities, a person should have to achieve goal or becoming winners

Importance of Attitude – Building a positive Attitude

In this book the author says that to be successful in life a person must have a positive attitude. He shares the tale of balloon seller’s whose techniques towards increasing their balloon sales shows a positive attitude. when a boy asked him about black balloon fly and he says that it is not a matter of colour, it is what is inside of the balloon.

Another story of Hitler and his soldier : The conversation Between Hitler and his Soldier tells that attitude towards seeking positivity in all situations makes you different. When his soldier informed him about the surrounding by the enemies then hitler replied that it is very good we can attack any direction. Winners always have a Positive attitude in any situation and are always ready to face failures.

Here Author says that According to a Harvard Study  85% of the people get promoted because of their positive attitude and the remaining 15% people get jobs because of their knowledge and intelligence. Your positive attitude determines how you handle the situation.  He also quotes the story of David and Goliath in which everybody gives up but Goliath’s attitude towards handling the Giant David that he was too big to miss. 

People should see the half glass of water rather than focusing on half empty glass which gives the amazing success result.

you can win pdf 

Acres of Diamond – Be an Opportunity grabber

Here author shares an illustrative story of a farmer in south Africa who was living happily, sells his farm in the searching of diamond because a man sailed him if he gives him diamond , that person will give him his country in return but that farmer did not get and finally commit suicide. Meanwhile the person who purchases his land, gets diamonds because of his patience.

Never give up means keep digging until you reach your  diamond. You are almost there. People always should have the right attitude because we all are walking on Acres of diamonds. This right attitude will take people to success and always recognize an opportunity and grab it. As the same opportunity will never come to you, either an opportunity can be worse than before or better than before but can not be the same.

Author shares another tale of grab the Opportunity , A man is a follower of god once there is flood in his village he has faith in god that he will save him so a man came and asked him to leave the village but he denied saying that his god will save him. After that a boat came and asked the same question, then a car and helicopter came but he gave the same reply to all and finally he died in the flood.

He complained to god about saving him from the flood as he was his big follower god replied Hey fool person, I had sent a car, boat, helicopter and people to help you but you did not take the help means did not grab the opportunity to save his life. winners always grab the opportunity what they get.

Success – Winning Strategy

Author says that winners never give up. He gave the example of founder of Forbes, says that Success people face countless hurdles in the beginning; they do not fear failing and keep trying. He also quoted the example of Abraham Lincoln that you never fail until you quit.

you can win book pdf

Necessary obstacles to be faced and overcame by everyone becoming a winner

Fear –  false evidence appearing real which stop us from success

MotivationMotivate yourself and others everyday

Losers always present their huddle as an excuse due to lack of motivation while winners use their hurdle as the source of motivation which is executed into the actions  but both face problems in different ways winners get motivated and losers make an excuses and winners make others motivate as well.

Self esteemBuilding positive self esteemed and image

Author says that people always should have high self esteem not low self esteem what they think that will happen. Low self esteemed people always gossip and talk about others, do not care and always judge others and have a mentality of taking while High self esteemed people always talk about ideas, care for others and have mentality of giving and they do not judge.

Ego- ego does not allow you to learn if you have ego you fail to learn and respect while winners always be down to earth, respect others have a healthy pride and humanity. this helps in achieving success.

Contents of you can win

  • Importance of Attitude
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Subconscious Mind and Habits
  • Goal -Setting
  • Values and Vision

Goal Setting – Setting and achieving  your goals

Author says that goal setting is very important, it can be anything which people want to achieve. But the problem is either many people do not know about what they wish for or they are not clear about their goal and they work without having any goal. Goal can be a dream that gives you a deadline to achieve it. Here the author says make a plan and read it twice a day and the author says we need to learn new skills to achieve our goal or become successful.

Vision – Doing the right thing for the right reason

Winners always have a big vision. Here Shiv Khera says that do not hesitate to dream big . If you have a big vision then you will be able to convert it into reality. Successful people persist on their vision and make it reality. In this book Shiv Khera quoted that “True Character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.’’

Related Details of you can win book

Book Title  You Can Win
Author   Shiv Khera
Publisher  Bloomsbury India
Language   English
Pages Count  175
File Type  PDF
Size  368 KB

you can win book by Shiv Khera is available in English and Hindi language and the PDF Downloading link of the book is given below to read book online so users can Download PDF and read book online by clicking on the given link.

Shiv Khera You Can Win PDF Free Download (English)
You Can Win Book PDF (Hindi)

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