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Anne frank diary pdf is a diary of Anne frank, a German Jewish Teenage, written by herself and a victim of Holocaust. she was born on 12 June 1929 in Germany her father name was 0tto frank and mother was Edith Frank and one elder sister was Margot Frank. She was famous after the publication of her diary and died at the age of fifteen in February 1945.

The diary first was published in 1947 after two years of her death by her father who was the only survivor of the family of a concentration camp. The diary which was originally written in an apartment where her family was residing during world war 2 .The diary has been translated into 70 languages. The house in which she hid was converted into a museum.

diary of anne frank class 10 pdf

In Germany everything was changed, When Adolf Hitler came into power. Otto decided to move to Netherland and Anne Frank and her family was moved to Netherland  started living in the apartment and her father started business there which was earning well. On 12 June  1942 she received  many gifts along with a diary from her father on her 13th birthday, Later this diary became her best friend.

she wrote her first entry on 20 June 1942 and described. While residing in Amsterdam in a secret building, Otto Frank pretended to others that he was residing in Switzerland. This secret building, later on named Secret Annex and in 1960 this Secret Annex was converted into a museum and  in 1980 this secret annex was converted into an organization.

Anne frank diary pdf

She noted each and every thing In her diary related to her, even fighting with her sisters and an argument with her mother. on 4 Aug 1944 German police Anne Frank and family took them to the Concentration Camp 1 Aug 1942  was the day on which she made last entry in her diary The diary ends here.

She and her family were taken to the detention centre , from there  they were sent to Auschwitz Concentration centre in September 1944. Otto Frank and his family were separated. Anne Frank and her sister Margot Frank were taken to Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp.Here she and Margot frank were separated from her mother.

Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp condition was very poor where no basic facilities were given to the Jewish because of that both sisters met  to the death. In Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp Anne Frank meets her two friends Hanneli Goslar and Nanette Blitz. Her friends were very sad  to see Anne Frank in this condition. Later on conditions got poorer.

the diary of anne frank class 10 pdf

After that in March  1945 her sister Margot Frank died due to typhus fever and Anne frank was very upset to see her sister dead. Some time later Anne Frank also died in April 1945 .her mother died in Auschwitz  only her father was alive. When the camp was liberated by British Troop, only the dead bodies were found there. Anne Frank was also in them.

Friend of Otto frank handed over a diary which was written by Anna Frank and her father Otto frank published her diary named Secret Annex in 1947.Later America published this diary as the Name of The Diary of Young Girl book in 1952.

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Book Title   The diary of a young girl pdf
Author   Otto H. Frank & Mirjam Pressler
Edited by  Susane Massotty
Translated by   English
Page Count  182
File Type  PDF
Size    702 KB

the diary of a young girl pdf free download is available in English and Hindi language and the PDF Downloading link of the book is given below to read book online so anne frank diary read online by clicking on the given link.

The Diary of Anne Frank PDF Free  Download
The Diary of Anne Frank in English

The Diary of Young Girl Anne Frank in Hindi

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