The Road Not Taken PDF

The Road Not Taken PDF by Emily Tudor- In this article we are going to give an overview of an upcoming book named The Road Not Taken which is a contemporary novel which is about the life of Olivia who has been frustrated from her same routine but glued in her daily life’s routine. 

This upcoming novel is written by author Emily Tudor and is going to be out for the readers on January 30, 2024 in Kindle Edition and Paperback formats under the publication named Sunshine Girl Publishing House.

The Road Not Taken PDF

Olivia Hart who has no idea about her life what she is doing and wants to do with her life. She’s been waiting for all the pieces to fall into place, but she can’t seem to get out of her own way.

She has been working in a grocery shop for a long time, in other words since college time and frustrated with her same routine she follows and wants to write her another book and in her social life which is almost non-existent she’s become stagnant.

The Road Not Taken by Emily Tudor PDF

The one who was once her love of life Tristan West comes back to the town and his return trashes down the life of her and He does not want to stay in Pennsylvania and intends on to depart from Pennsylvania and start his new life in the new place.

He continuously came across with the  Olivia while the time of their senior year and His plans began to change as it is said falling in love with some one is never going to be easy. 

The Road Not Taken Emily Tudor PDF

That also happened with them and the same is not easy for either of them from passing notes in class to writing letters while apart, their connection grows deeper and One day is all it takes for their connection to the server.

Emily Tudor creates characters and stories about platonic and romantic love for anyone and everyone and this is her debut novel. It is the first book of her of Hart Sister Series.

Related Details of The Road Not Taken PDF by Emily Tudor Book PDF

Book Title The Road Not Taken
Author  Emily Tudor
Publisher Sunshine Girl Publishing House
Language  English
Page Count 438
File Type PDF
File Size 3703 KB
Release Date 30 January 2024

The Road Not Taken Emily Tudor PDF is available in English language and readers who want to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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