No One Can Know PDF

No One Can Know PDF Kate Alice Marshall – In this article we are going to share with you a recently released novel named No One Can Know which is a thriller novel where the secret of two murders were hidden by one of the sisters.

This new thriller novel was already released on 23 January 2024 and available in all readable and audible format for the readers which can be easily accessible by the readers and an amazing story has been written by author Kate Alice Marshall.

No One Can Know PDF

Three Palmer sisters who had left their home forever fourteen years before but after the time one of those sisters named Emma gets to know she is pregnant and her husband has been dismissed from the job. 

Due to having no other option, she made the decision to return to her house. She left fourteen years ago with her husband where her parents were murdered and she and Her alienated sisters own today.

No One Can Know Kate Alice Marshall PDF

But the one secret that Emma always hid from her family was what she had seen at the night when her parents were murdered. She did not even tell anyone when she was identified as a prime suspect of the murder. Her presence in the house threatens to uncover secrets that have stayed hidden for years

The sisters are brought together one more time again where they encounter their memories from the past rivalries restart and the connections are moulded and the very first time Emma is having a conversation and asking what has actually happened at that time.

No One Can Know By Kate Alice Marshall PDF

The more Emma learns, the more riddles emerge. And Emma begins to wonder just what her siblings will do to keep the past buried, and whether she did the right thing staying quiet about what was whispered that night: “No one can know.”

Kate Alice Marshall is the author of the young adult novels I Am Still Alive, Rules for Vanishing, and Our Last Echoes, as well as the Secrets of Eden Eld middle grade series. No One Can Know pdf is her second adult novel.

Related Details of No One Can Know Kate Alice Marshall Book PDF

Book Title No One Can Know
Author  Alice Marshall
Publisher Flatiron Books
Language  English
Page Count 336
File Type PDF
File Size 3857 KB
Release Date 23 January 2024

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