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Zero to one pdf- It is about the principles to follow for those who want to start their start-ups. In this book Author Peter Thiel has shared his philosophy and strategy to the readers who are eager to start and make their start-ups succeed.

The Author of this book is Peter Thiel who is German- American Billionaire and  co- founder of Paypal, Palantir Technologies and first outside investor of Facebook also. He is also a venture capitalist. He has written his notes on the start-ups and how one can build a future following these notes.

Contents of zero to one book pdf

1 The Challenge of the Future
2 Party Like It’s 1999
3 All Happy Companies Are Different
4 The Ideology of Competition
5 Last Mover Advantage
6 You Are Not a Lottery Ticket
7 Follow the Money
8 Secrets
9 Foundations
10 The Mechanics of Mafia
11 If You Build It, Will They Come?
12 Man and Machine
13 Seeing Green
14 The Founder’s Paradox

The Challenge of the Future- In this Chapter, Peter says that most of the people think about the future of the world is Globalization but nobody thinks about the most important thing which is technology. World can not survive without Technology and It is that which is the future of the world ,he mentions the two ways of progress. One is Vertical and second is Horizontal. Vertical progress is zero to one and Horizontal progress is One to many or N. He gave the Examples of Microsoft  for Horizontal and Apple for Vertical. going from Zero to one people need to think differently from mass.

In another Chapter he mentioned the Monopolies in Business are good for Business and society as well. Monopoly is the situation where one handles the market and society. He gave the example of Microsoft has monopoly in the Business of operating system because it captured the more than 70% market of it and Google’s monopoly in the search Engine Market.

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Peter emphasizes monopoly in the market because it kills the competition and motivates you to make your product and start-ups better than before to maintain monopoly in the market. Peter says if the founder does not have a vision, the company can never go zero to one. He gave an example of his own company Paypal in which he and his co-founder worked really hard to make Paypal the best payment system.

He says it did not happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work and time to create a monopoly in the market in the field of payment systems. when he started it was a small business and one thing which always motivated him is his vision. He mentions that Vision is an Important thing in Business and in life as well. Business always grows when people have problems because it gives an opportunity to a person to find an idea and do something different.

Peter says that one should not copy another because each moment happens once  each big thing happens once and people will not be interested to know that similar thing which they are already known to so there is no sensibility to copy the same thing so move forward and always try to think new which no one has thought before like Microsoft ,Facebook and Google. Only when your start-ups will grow. 

zero to one pdf

Always make incremental changes Peter says Goals always should be big but action should be small and there should be progress on a daily basis. Learn lessons from mistakes and apply them. It will help you to reach your goals and make big competition for others means Baby steps are always important.

Peter says that there is always a bad plan better than no plan because a bad plan will help you to make an improved plan next time and having No plan will give you nothing neither mistakes and nor lessons so Peter insists on doing. Peter mentions that it is always better to risk rather than triviality and starts with calculated risk  because risk increases the probability to make you and your start-ups successful. 

Related Details of zero to one book in hindi

Book Title            zero to one
Author                 Peter Thiel
Publisher             Virgin Book
Language            English/Hindi
Format                  PDF
Pages Count         126
Size                      1MB

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