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Attitude is everything book is a motivational book written by Jeff Keller in which he mentioned that the way of success depends upon your attitude because your attitude affects the things in the world. Jeff Keller Author Jeff Keller has written this book in three parts and Twelve chapters and each part and twelve chapters contains some hidden secrets in which he describes the benefits of each stage and chapters comes under attitude and necessary for attitude.

This Book is divided into three parts which are Think, Speak and Act and each part has related lesson of parts In a first part Author described the success of your life how you think towards making your life succeeded. Second part contains Speak what you speak. It reflects your attitude towards success and life. The Third part is to Act towards achieving goals and success because only thinking and speaking positively can not get you success until you do not take Action towards achieving goals which ultimately lead you to the success.

attitude is everything book pdf by jeff keller

Author has shared an incident from his life that he wanted to become a lawyer and did his graduation in law but after some time he finds out he is not enjoying his work and having stress due to his work. He was looking like a 40 years old guy despite being 28 years old. One night that has changed his life when he ordered the product which was watched by him on Television as a AD. After getting the CD of the product  he started following things which were given in that CD and he felt some positive changes within him and He mentioned those point in this book.

Author says that you are a Human Magnet which means people having the same nature and energy attracts each other. You continuously think about the goal and you will take steps towards the goal and it is Human’s nature to attract towards the opportunities to achieve the goal.

Contents of Attitude is everything

  •  Part 1: Success Begins in Mind
    Lesson 1 Your Attitude is Window to the World
    Lesson 2 You Are a Human Magnet
    Lesson 3 Picture Your Way to Success
    Lesson 4 Make a Commitment and You Will Move Mountains
    Lesson 5 Turn Your Problem into Opportunities
  • Part 2:  Watch Your Words
    Lesson 6 Your Words Blaze a Trail
    Lesson 7  How Are You?
    Lesson 8 Stop Complaining!
  • Part 3: Heaven Helps Those Who act
    Lesson 9  Associate with Positive People
    Lesson 10 Confront Your Fear and Glow
    Lesson 11 Get Out There and Fail
    Lesson 12 Networking That Get Results
    Conclusion: Change Your Attitude and Change Your Life

Always take actions towards achieving goals. Here the author says positive thinking is as important as positive actions. Commitment in work is very necessary to achieve success by overcoming problems. He gave an example of his friend who wants to work with walt Disney and constantly calls the company shows his commitment to take business up .

Author talks about turning your problem into opportunities. He gave an example of him, if he would not be depressed due to his work in a law firm and was enjoying his work so he will be working in that work. Problems help to search new and creative Ideas. Your words have a power to become what you say and can do anything that is why the author insists on speaking positively.

Related Details of attitude is everything book

Book Title          attitude is everything
Author                jeff keller
Publisher            Collins
Language           English/Hindi
Format                  PDF
Pages Count         144

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