The Simplest book For Technical Analysis PDF

The Simplest book For Technical Analysis PDF: Today, In this article we are going share with you a book which is a new book on the stock market which consists of how technical analysis is done and which will help people to do technical analysis for the stock market. This book is written by the investor and the founder of Fin Owings Training & Academy Pvt Ltd in the simplest way.

This book is written by Mukul Agarwal on the basis of his experience and learnings in the stock market he gained for the past eighteen years. He wrote this book to guide people to make better use of technical analysis of the stock market when they enter or exit the market whether it is Commodity, Index and Stock Market in the possible and easy manner.

About the Author of The Simplest Book for Technical Analysis pdf

Mr Mukul Agrawal is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Trader and the founder of  Fin Owings Training & Academy Pvt Ltd and he has been working in the stock market since eighteen years. He is 2 Times TEDx and Josh Talk Speaker. He was awarded the National Achievers Award in 2019 whereas he was also the recipient of the International Fame Award in 2021 and he also runs the YouTube channel which has more than Twelve lakh followers where he shares the knowledge related to stock market and investment.

He entered the stock market in late 1990 and he has expertise in  Financial Market Training , Value Investing, Systematic Trading, Angel Investing, Technical Analysis and  investment strategies which also consist of aggressive investment and he focuses on investment after proper analysis and risk taker with penny stock and he also prefers two separate portfolios for Investments and Trading. He runs the broking house as well. He belongs to Lucknow and graduated from J.S. University Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh.

the simplest book for technical analysis pdf by mukul agrawal

Mr. Mukul Agrawal has penned down the learning and experience what he gained from the market and present the gist before the audience to learn and do for those who want to make their career in stock market or interested to increase t the  maximum return on the stock but they do not know what is the right time and the best stock to buy.

Here this book will help and guide people to enlighten their knowledge and people will easily understand the different techniques and tricks and their analysis and how the market works. People need to understand it before investing in stocks. Many people want to invest but they bear losses due to lack of information and knowledge. They should join the market but little preparation and this book will help.

Related Details of The Simplest Book for Technical Analysis Book PDF

Book Title The Simplest Book for Technical Analysis
Author  Mukul Agrawal
Publishers Invincible Publication
Language  English
Pages Count 210
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB

The Simplest Book for Technical Analysis By Mukul Agrawal is released on 07 October 2022 and is available in English language. The PDF Downloading and Free Audiobook link of the book is given below to read and listen to the book online so users can read and listen to the book online by clicking on the given link.

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The Simplest Book for Technical Analysis
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