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Think and Grow Rich pdf : It is a book written by Napoleon Hill who was Journalist and a writer Napoleon Hill tells his success story by thirteen principles in the form of a book after 20 years of interviewing 500 American people . He has revealed all his thirteen principles in details to the people through this book.

This book is the result of suggestion given by Andrew Carnegie to him to make people learn from them by providing knowledge and wisdom. “Victory is always possible for those who refuse to stop fighting.” He has categorised thirteen principles into a chapter  which will be helpful to get success.

think and grow rich pdf

Desire : Author said that desire means neither hope nor a wish. To work passionately for success, it should be because of having a burning desire in people. Whatever we want ,we can acquire and a burning desire, passion for what we want.

Six steps to convert desire into financial gain by Napoleon Hill

  • Fix the exact amount of money you want
  • Determine what exactly you would to do in return of money because nothing is free
  • Mention an Exact date when you get the desired money
  • Create a plan to execute your desire which is actionable
  • All four steps compiled into step 5
  • Read your written statement twice in a day

Faith: It is very important to have faith because it is a strong emotionally charged belief. Faith is created through repeated instructions and affirmations. Faith is a bridge between where I am and I want to be. Subconscious  mind reacts only to those thoughts which are emotionally charged.

Auto Suggestion: Auto Suggestion plays a very important role . people need to train their mind to see the positivity around them rather than negativity. It prevents downfall from affecting the positivity of mind. According to Napoleon Hill  Auto Suggestion is the agency of  control which an individual feed his subconscious about positive nature but if neglect permit  thoughts of destructive nature.

think and grow rich pdf download in english

Specialised Knowledge: Here author told two aspects of Specialised Knowledge, first one should have specialised knowledge and second was to capitalise the Specialised knowledge of other person.

He gave an instance of Henry Ford on Specialised knowledge that he was called an ignorant pacifist because he was called by court and asked many questions then he replied that i have a group of people to answer. So  why should I clutter up my mind when I have hired many people around me to answer.

Imagination: Developing Imagination is very important because what people imagine can be created. Imagination can make you wealthy. People can use imagination  to become wealthy. If you have no imagination and visualisation power you will always struggle to make your desire into reality. Imagination and  thinking out of the box will always lead you to financial success.

Organised Planning: Organised planning always helps to achieve a goal. While doing Organised planning following points to be kept in mind.

  • Frame a mastermind group in which different department of different skills
  • Decide what you can offer mastermind groups
  • There should be meeting with your member of groups Twice in every week
  • There should be harmony maintained among members
  • There alway should be ready with plan B, if plan A does not work  

 think and grow rich in hindi pdf

Decision: Here Napoleon described  decision making. It is very important that successful people take decisions quickly, committed to it and not change easily. Because several times friends and family hold us back from making decision making despite of their good intentions i.e going with friends rather than focusing on make your own decision here author says that person who have failed have a habit of reaching decisions slowly and change their decisions many times this is called shiny object syndrome.

Shiny Object Syndrome consists of  how many times you change your decision, you are extracted towards a New Idea and Trend which leads you to stay away from your original goal. Here Author says that people should commit to a definite decision. So Hill found that Successful people have a tendency to reach a decision quickly after doing R & D. That decision should have been taken or not and change the decision slowly.

Persistence: Author says that successful people never give up . the more intense desire you have the more you persist. Here is an instance of not giving up on Colonel Harland Sanders who was founder of KFC had failed 1009 times but he did not give up means that no matter how many times you failed it only takes one time to succeed.

The Power of Mastermind: You can achieve more by dividing people in different groups rather than working alone. It is a coordination of knowledge and efforts of people made altogether to attain a definite purpose. Biggest benefit of mastermind is synergy. if two people work together the sum of their parts is greater than what they can achieve. 

think and grow rich pdf

The mystery of sex transmutation

Action of Changing something into others. The Author tells that sex transmutation is most powerful human desire which can develop imagination , courageous, will power, persistence and creative ability. It is a powerful driving force which helps people to channel into creative pursuits.

The Subconscious mind: He says that Positive and Negative thoughts or emotions can not occupy mind at the same time either of one will rule the mind. So it is our responsibility to replace the negative emotions with positive through auto suggestions. Desire, Faith, Love, Enthusiasm, Sex, hope and Romance are the seven most powerful positive emotions.

Brain: A broadcasting and receiving station for thoughts. Every human being’s brain is capable of receiving the vibration of thoughts released by other brains. he told that your subconscious mind is sending stations of the brain through which vibration of thoughts are broadcast and creative imagination is receiving set.

The 6th sense: Successful people have the 6th sense which they get by doing a lot of hard work. their hard work which they did earlier, provide them gut feeling which is called 6th sense to do the things in a right way.

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Book Title Think and Grow Rich book
Author  Napoleon Hill
Publishers TarcherPerigee
Language  English/Hindi
Pages Count 235
File Type PDF
File Size 833 KB

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