The Lies You Wrote Brianna Labuskes PDF

The Lies You Wrote Brianna Labuskes PDF Download- Ìn this article we are going to share with you an upcoming suspense thriller novel named The Lies You Wrote which is about solving and reason of having murdered of a married couple and this amazing book is from the bestselling author of A Familiar Sight Brianna Labuskes

This suspense thriller novel is set to be out on January 1, 2024 in all readable formats for the readers and those who are fond of reading such a thriller novel, can order book copy in advance to get it on time.

The Lies You Wrote Brianna Labuskes PDF

The Lies You Wrote PDF By Brianna Labuskes consists of 350 pages under the Thomas & Mercer publication and this is the first novel of this Raisa Susanto series of two books and the author has crafted the character who engaged the readers to the story till the end. 

The novel is about the Double murder of a married couple  who lives in a small town of the Washington and Raisa Susanto, who is FBI forensic linguist got into the case investigation which reflects towards the decade old crime and that crime is about twenty five years ago to that day Alex Parker murdered his parents, then took his own life, leaving behind a note admitting everything.

The Lies You Wrote By Brianna Labuskes PDF

To solve this case, Raisa teamed up with forensic psychologist Callum Kilkenny and took her skills into work to read between the lines Especially now that paranoid postings on a conspiracy thread recommended that Alex himself was a Victim theories that have piqued the interest of a perceptive content moderator and a true-crime podcaster eager for a big break.

As investigation goes on, the old crime and new crime intersect and the message from the living and confession of the dead from that note, raise the new meaning for the Raisa that some thing which is more ominous than a copycat crime is at play and pillage the darkest side of the mind of killer puts her in danger to a deadly twist even she never saw coming.

Related Details of The Lies You Wrote Brianna Labuskes Book PDF

Book Title The Lies You Wrote
Author  Brianna Labuskes
Publisher Thomas & Mercer
Language  English
Pages Count 350
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 1 January 2024

The Lies You Wrote PDF By Brianna Labuskes Novel is available in English language and readers who want to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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