Spreading Joy by Joy Alukkas PDF

Spreading Joy by Joy Alukkas PDF Download – In this article, we are sharing with you an upcoming book named Spreading Joy which is about How Joy Alukkas Became the World’s Favourite Jeweller and this biography is written in 256 pages.

This will be enjoyable for those readers who like to read true accounts and biographies of such a person who did something big in their life fighting with the hurdle and inspires others to do the same and big in their life.

Spreading Joy by Joy Alukkas PDF

This biography of Gold man who became the favourite jewellers of the people is going to be released on 29 October 2023 in Kindle Edition and Hardcover format for the readers and written by Joy Alukkas along with Thomas Scaria and Nidhi Jain.

This book is the story of Joy Alukkas who stepped into the Retail Jewellery business from the Umbrella Business in the late 1950 in Thrissur which is on the coast of Kerala and Known as Gold Town in India.

Spreading Joy PDF By Joy Alukkas Download

Joy Alukkas who is one of his fifteen Children got the inherited Joseph’s entrepreneurial spirit and 1986 EI Dorako took him to the Dubai which is known as a Modern City of Gold and He had to face many challenges such as to know about the lay of lands including aspects of procurement, staffing, sales and other regulations, exacerbated by the language barrier that could decreased the entrepreneur’s spirit

But Joy persisted and opened the first ‘Alukkas’ jewelry store in Abu Dhabi, followed soon after by another in Dubai As his business was shed and Gulf was in war in 1990 and this threw him in to confusion of every aspect of life which pushed him to come back to India.

Spreading Joy PDF Joy Alukkas

After some month spending in India He went back to gulf and re-established the Alukkas opening stores within and around the UAE. In the next two decades.  after some month spending in India He went back to gulf and re-established the Alukkas opening stores within and around the UAE. In the next two decades he expanded the business in 11 countries with the number of 160 outlets.

. He also contributed to transforming the gold retailing business along with the new innovation such as karat meter use , the first billing software in the industry and board rate for gold price, to mention a few. Throughout the years, the ethos of his business has remained the same: to be the customer’s favourite jeweller.

Related Details of Spreading Joy by Joy Alukkas Book PDF

Book Title Spreading Joy
Author  Joy Alukkas
Publisher HarperCollins India
Language  English
Pages Count 256
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 29 October 2023

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