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Snakes in the ganga pdf- It is a book named Snakes in the ganga breaking India 2.0 is a new release book written by Rajiv Malhotra which obtained a no 1 position in Political Freedom and security genre and on eighty fifth position in Best selling books. Snakes withinside the Ganga is a path-breaking book.

it is a unique book which tells us to be examine through each Indian who actually cares approximately and loves his and her nation whose motive is to prepare a countermovement in opposition to those forces bent on Breaking India. The significance of being proactive outweighs the significance of being reactive.

snakes in the ganga pdf 

Snakes withinside the Ganga unveils uncomfortable truths regarding India`s vulnerabilities and Intense conflict towards India’s integrity is the paintings of a well-orchestrated international equipment pushed with the aid of using a brand new ideology.  Marxism has been reincarnated as Critical Race Theory in US academia and serves because the framework to cope with America’s racism. This has been recklessly mapped directly to India: Caste is equated with Race.

Marginalized groups of India are taken into consideration as Blacks and Brahmins because the Whites of India. Groups claiming grievances like Muslims and other minorities are artificially clubbed together. Popularly known as the Woke movement, the challenge is to dismantle Indian civilization and background with the aid of using waging an uncompromising struggle fare towards India’s government, instructional establishments, culture, industry, and society. 

snakes in the ganga pdf by rajiv malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra who has simply written a second ee-e book known as snakes withinside the ganga implying that spoil India forces are actively undermining each Indian institution with a view of destabilizing India the new book is being extensively touted as a sequel to his extensively acquired and acclaimed ee-e book breaking India launched in 2012.

Harvard University is Ground Zero of those social theories evolved in collaboration with Indian scholars, activists, reporters and artists. This represents a clean and gift threat to India’s sovereignty and countrywide security. Several Indian elites are hoisting Harvard because the Vishva Guru with their cash and own circle of relatives names. Some personal universities inside India are uploading Wokeism that has critical repercussions for India’s stability.

Indian corporates are bringing the contemporary Western rubric of Environmental, Social, and Governance scores into their workplace. This is aligned with the worldwide Social Justice movement. China has exploited this contemporary infrastructure as a passage to India. Workeism has penetrated a number of the Indian government’s policies. For instance, the National Education Policy 2020 is propagating Harvard’s liberal arts.  An whole atmosphere of ideologies, establishments and younger leaders is rising for the recolonization of India. Is India for sale?

Brief About the Author: Dr. Rajiv Malhotra is an educational and public highbrow who makes a speciality of civilizational studies, international religions, and cross-cultural interactions. His schooling turned into in physics, accompanied through pc technology that specialize in synthetic intelligence withinside the 1970s. A a success company profession withinside the USA brought about him turning into an entrepreneur and founding and going for walks numerous IT businesses in twenty countries.

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Book Title Snakes in the ganga pdf
Author  Rajiv Malhotra
Publishers Occam
Language  English
Pages Count 864
File Type PDF
File Size 2MB

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