Sleeping with Friends By Emily Schultz PDF

Sleeping with Friends by Emily Schultz PDF Download – In this article, we are going to discuss with you an upcoming book named Sleeping with friends which tells the story about Mia Sinclair- kroner wakes up from coma after meeting with an accident but actually an attempt to murder.

This twisted and darkly humorous story is written by Author Emily Schultz and is going to be released on January 1, 2024 in Kindle Edition Format for the readers. It is the first book of the Friends and Enemies Series of Two Books.

Sleeping with Friends by Emily Schultz PDF

Author has brought the story of a woman named Mia Sinclair-Kroner who was met with an accident that was an attempted murder by her friends and leads her to the Coma, lost her memory and twist comes When Mia Sinclair-Kroner wakes from a coma.

All Her friends from college gather for a weekend party with the aim of helping her to remember but the old wounds come with her old friends and very soon it gets easy to understand that her accident was not just an accident, it might have been an attempt towards her murder. 

Sleeping with Friends Emily Schultz PDF

These all are her friends and who can be among them is Agnes driven by her unspoken resentments or Zoey who wants all that Mia has or is it a victory who came back with an agenda or its Martin who is her wealthy husband, country estate between Mia and her past.

All of sudden, All the old tension along with new doubts rise and these friends must cross with their film knowledge, share history and everything they have kept except from in order to identify which one of them is making an effort to end all the things once and for all. 

Sleeping with Friends PDF by Emily Schultz

Emily Schultz is the author of Sleeping with Friends and the forthcoming, Brooklyn Kills Me, both from Thomas & Mercer. She is the co-founder of Joyland Magazine. Her last novel, Little Threats, was published by GP Putnam’s Sons and was named an Apple Books Best of 2020 pick. The Blondes, was It was named a Best Book of 2015 by NPR and Kirkus.

The Blondes was produced as a scripted podcast starring Madeline Zima (Twin Peaks), and created by Schultz and Brian J Davis. Translated into French, German, and Spanish it had over one million listeners worldwide. Sleeping with Friends Emily Schultz PDF is the latest book of her to be released.

Related Details of Sleeping with Friends Emily Schultz Book PDF

Book Title Sleeping with Friends
Author  Emily Schultz
Publisher Thomas & Mercer
Language  English
Pages Count
File Type PDF
File Size 4567 KB
Release Date 1 January 2024

Sleeping with Friends by Emily Schultz Book Novel is available in English language and readers who want to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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