(महाभारत)Mahabharat book PDF

Mahabharat book PDF

Mahabharat is one of the major Sanskrit Epic of ancient India this Story narrates battles between two groups of brothers who fought a battle at the Kurukshetra for the throne of Hastinapur.The Mahabharat war was fought in Dwapar Yug between Kaurava and Pandava.

Mahabharat was written by Krishna Dvaipayan Ved Vyas and it  is the longest ever written because it has one lakh Shlokas and 200000 individual lines and This war was fought continuously for 18 days.

mahabharat book in hindi

Kunti was a mother of Yudishter, Bheem and Arjun and Nakul and sehdev were the son of Matri who was second wife of pandu while Karna was also a son of kunti who was born before her marriage by the grace of Suryadev. Dhritrashtra was married to gandhari and they have hundred sons in which Duryodhan was the eldest son of Dhritarashtra.

Arjun was the favorite disciple of Guru Dronacharya because of his brilliant skill as an archer and very good friend of Lord Krishna.Arjuna married to Draupadi by winning her hand later married to the pandavas. Arjuna was married to Shubhadra as well who was sister of Lord Krishna.

Mahabharat was held due to the loss of kingdom by Pandava in the game in which yudhister wagered his brothers along with his wife Draupadi and he lost all of them and make them kaurava’s servant.

mahabharat book in hindi pdf

Draupadi was dragged to the court by Duryodhan and pull her saree to disrobe her but saved by Lord Krishna and this incident called Draupadi Vastra Haran. Draupadi requested the members presented in the court including kripacharya and dronacharya  to save her  but they did not take action.

After losing the game Pandava went to exile for twelve years and got shelter at King Virat’s palace for a year.The dispute between Kauravas and pandavas ruling right over the state, resulted in war but pandavas wanted to end it peacefully.

At the Kurukshetra, when war was about to start,Lord Krishna gave the  Bhagavad Gita updesh to Arjuna to do his Karma when Arjuna was confused to fight with the brothers and olders of him which is the Great Hindu Scripture and in war all the Kauravas along with Bhishma, Dronacharya and Karna were died in Kurukshetra  war and Pandavas was won the war and got their kingdom back.

Related Details of mahabharat book

Book Title                  The Mahabharat

Written By                 Krishna Dvaipayan Ved Vyas

Pages Count              1667

Size                            272 MB

Language                   Hindi & English

Format                        PDF

you can also download e-book of Mahabharat given link below

Mahabharat book in Hindi PDF


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