Who Said She Can’t by Rashmi Bansal PDF

Who Said She Can’t by Rashmi Bansal PDF Download – Here we are going to share with the readers about an upcoming book ‘who said she can’t’ which showcases the inspiring stories of pioneers of women who are IIT Bombay Graduates. 

The book tells about their journey and success of those women who make an impact of their ambition and intellect in the male dominance world. This new and inspiring book is going to be available for readers in Paperback format on 24 June 2024.

Who Said She Can’t by Rashmi Bansal PDF

The author who wrote Who Said She Can’t book is Rashmi Bansal who is the best selling Author of eleven entrepreneurship books such as  Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream, Poor Little Rich Slum and many more.

To boldly go where no woman had gone before. The stories that are mentioned in the book of IITB Gen Zerothe pioneers of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s who had entered into the science and technology field which is considered the field of Men where male dominance is at its peak.

Who Said She Can’t Rashmi Bansal PDF

But  these bright and ambitious women ventured into this male dominance world and they did not even ask for any favor for them in the class. Being the ‘only girl in class’ was not easy. But bonding with each other, these girls not only survived, they thrived. 

Each of them  were so smart, well intellect and graceful to her chosen field including juggling family and work they shine a light up on the path despite the hurdle where all things are possible if it is dreamt.

The book that lights up on the life and journey of these women by insight and depth conversation with each of them and the book documents their lives that is from the success and various challenges faced by them on the campus. to their subsequent professional and personal trajectories.

Related Details of Who Said She Can’t Rashmi Bansal Book PDF

Book Title Who Said She Can’t
Author  Rashmi Bansal
Publisher Bushfire Publishers
Language  English
Page Count 200
File Type PDF
Release Date 24 June 2024

Who Said She Can’t PDF Rashmi Bansal Book is available in English language and readers who wants to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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