Modi by Pradeep Bhandari PDF

Modi by Pradeep Bhandari PDF – Modi by Pradeep Bhandari PDF Download-In this article we are going to share with you an upcoming book named Modi 3.0: Bigger, Higher, Stronger that talks on Narendra Modi’s party preparing for upcoming elections and how their dominance will now be bigger, stronger and Higher than before.

This book was released on 19 April 2024 in paperback format for the readers who has deep curiosity towards knowing about the upcoming elections and the policies prepared for the upcoming tenure if Modi backs.

Modi by Pradeep Bhandari PDF

The Author of this book is Pradeep Bandari who is an Indian journalist and psephologist of repute, is the consulting editor of Zee Media Network the founder and editor-in-chief of Jan Ki Baat that estimates the results of elections through a unique and indigenously developed data crunching model.

The result of Assembly elections held in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in December 2023 gives the boost to the BJP known as Bhartiya Janata Party and it is seen by adding to the 2024 parliamentary elections and Bhartiya Janata Party now in the Pole position.

Modi 3.0 Pradeep Bhandari PDF

The team of Jan ki baat with an unmatched track record of predicting election results are doing through conducting public opinion poll and pre election survey for upcoming elections.

The polls show the intact popularity of Prime minister Narendra Modi and the oppositions have no option to match with the popularity of the most loved and demanded leader public want him back to politics with its 3.0 version.

Modi 3.0 Pradeep Bhandari PDF Download

In Modi 3.0, renowned psephologist, journalist and bestselling author Pradeep Bhandari gives the in depth analysis on how India votes and what are reasons behind again Modi into the Politics and why he is still unchallenged and will return with a bigger, higher and stronger mandate.

The book is designed into five core steps to give more depth information including analysis and predictions of the forthcoming elections and also author predicts what the future possibilities look like for India.

Related Details of Modi 3.0 by Pradeep Bhandari Book PDF

Book Title Modi 3.0: Bigger, Higher, Stronger
Author  Pradeep Bhandari
Publisher OM Books International
Language  English
Page Count 216
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 19 April  2024

Modi 3.0 by Pradeep Bhandari PDF Bigger, Higher, Stronger book is available in English language and readers who wants to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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